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Head shot of Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, CEO, Family and Children's Association, 2023

Can You See The Light? Health & Human Services Report from Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds

I was glad to see this major force for Human Services doing well and finding ways to use his personal experience to help others. Gratefully, he agreed to meet up and talk shop....
Childs rendering of my heart.

More to the Story…

When I last saw one of my smart, loving, mommy friends…one of those grandmothers they speak of who rise up to save the world…she spoke of a video that’s inspired her:
Bee on Aster by Katheryn Laible

Native Garden and Ecolandscaping Resources

A few years ago now, I started reaching out to friends and collecting resources that we are pleased to share with you!
Photo of MLK Monument in Washington DC

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: To Reflect and Serve

The third Monday in January is reserved to honor the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is the only federal holiday formally recognized as a national day of service, “a day on, not a day off.” In the spirit of listening and thinking first, people are warmly encouraged to study the works of King, and to devote time to serious reflection on how we will endeavor toward a healthier, more just world for all. Here are some ways you can learn about and advance his legacy.
Main St, Northport

Shop Local! Lighting the Northport Leg Lamp…

Shop Downtown! Shop Northport! Photo by Katheryn Laible Scroll down for a list
Child in leaves

Autumn Landscaping Resources

Autumn Landscaping. Sorry I’m Late! This year, what with all the all at
From an event honoring local champion of veterans Gus Scutari in 2016

Dear Veterans: Thank You For Your Service

Thank you to all who served. In honor of Veterans Day 2022 we offer deep gratitude, good resources and indelibly moving stories.
The Firefly Artists Logo

Firefly Lights! Gratitude, Veterans, Holiday Prep!!!

Thank you for making us the 2022 Best Art Gallery on Long Island and for
Photo by Cyrus Crossan on Unsplash

Election Day is Coming! Are You Informed?

Election Day 2022 – November 8th is upon us! Many of you may have already voted. Here are some resources to help you make the best decisions for you.

Halloween 2022: Let’s Go!!!

Halloween Jack O’ Lanterns by Katheryn Laible Updated 10/27…My mother always felt a
Photo of the WTC memorial lights by Colin Hopkins

We Will Never Forget…

We Will Never Forget… Photo of the WTC memorial lights by Colin Hopkins,
Max moving art from the old gallery

Firefly Lights: Grateful…

This is what moving a family centered Main Street gallery – specifically The


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Max moving art from the old gallery

Firefly Lights: Grateful…

This is what moving a family centered Main Street gallery – specifically The Firefly Artists in Northport – looks like. Or a little bit of it, anyway. Honestly, Beth and
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Photo of Cindy's equipment for managing her diabetes

Ride With Kindness Ambassador Cindy Mardenfeld to Support Diabetes Research

Cindy Mardenfeld of Infinity Relations is a great friend to Long Island and one of the kindest, most encouraging people I’ve ever met. Please help her raise money and awareness to support diabetes research!
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A 4th of July Reflection on US

The 4th of July honors the US Declaration of Independence. Its most well-known passage is the foundation upon which the colonists’ grievances were justified and a bold declaration of human rights...
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Photo of my father, wandering the village of his grandfather

Happy Father’s Day!

Thinking About Fathers by Katheryn Laible Happy Father’s Day! Here is a photo of my own father, wandering through the village of his grandfather, telling stories about him, the mother
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Photo by Hillie Chan on Unsplash


When I think of Juneteenth, I see one hard-won step on a very long journey. May we continue to climb that mountain and reach a higher place. Photo by Hillie
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Photo of the USA Patriots with Joe Bartumioli. Photo Credit: Steve Caputo

Heroes Take the Field: USA Patriots Amputee Softball Team

Come to The Firefly Artists 7/22 starting at 5pm for a special reception with extraordinary heroes: The USA Patriots Amputee Softball Team.
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