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A Few Good Places to Give

Long Island needs more people to give to local organizations addressing our local challenges. Here are just a few to consider:
Photo of Marian Conway by Christopher Appoldt

Marian Conway: “Stop the Nonprofit Budget Fantasy — It’s Not Right.”

All she’s asking for is reasonable compensation for nonprofit employees to do the work that has to be done. The way it is now, a non-profit often doesn’t even get reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred while providing services! She won’t say it’s not fair – because life isn’t fair -- but it’s not right!!!
"Thank you for shopping local" photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

YOUR Picks: Favorite Local Shops

It's that time of year again! Please shop local and keep the magic that is our beautiful downtowns alive! Also, please help me update this list of favorite local shops! There are so many wonderful places run by great people out there. They only exist because people like you spend money there. The list barely scratches the surface, please help add to it!
Gourd Love by Katheryn Laible

On Gratitude and Kindness's a word that brings gratitude and kindness together. It's a wonderful reminder to count our blessings, and pay them forward. We thought you might appreciate the following:
Child in leaves

Autumn Landscaping Resources

Autumn Landscaping. Sorry I’m Late! This year, what with all the all at
From an event honoring local champion of veterans Gus Scutari in 2016

Dear Veterans: Thank You For Your Service

Thank you to all who served. In honor of Veterans Day 2022 we offer deep gratitude, good resources and indelibly moving stories.
The Firefly Artists Logo

Firefly Lights! Gratitude, Veterans, Holiday Prep!!!

Thank you for making us the 2022 Best Art Gallery on Long Island and for
Childs rendering of my heart.

More to the Story…

A Child’s rendering of his heart….and mine… <3 I Will Be A Hummingbird.
Max moving art from the old gallery

Firefly Lights: Grateful…

This is what moving a family centered Main Street gallery – specifically The
Photo of the USA Patriots with Joe Bartumioli. Photo Credit: Steve Caputo

Heroes Take the Field: USA Patriots Amputee Softball Team

Come to The Firefly Artists 7/22 starting at 5pm for a special reception with extraordinary heroes: The USA Patriots Amputee Softball Team.
A photo of a scout photographing a site while Jean Henning surveys the brush

Nassau County Museum of Art: Touring the Grounds in Preparation…

Above is a photo of my Life Scout son, Max and my dear
Invitation information available in body text

Synchronicity Open Doors Reception Featuring Lionel Chitty

Join us for our first ever “Open Doors Reception” This will be an
Photo of Nicole Tamaro, Matt Goreman and Sara Abbass at the 2nd Annual Northport Native Garden Initiative Plant Sale

Northport Native Garden Initiative: Building Community, Healing Our World, One Plant at a Time

Northport Native Garden Initiative Co-Founders at their second annual Native Plant Sale. From
From Left: Ken Christensen, Libby Hubbard, Craig Riger, Dianne Parker, Lou Giordano at a Leadership Huntignton Founders Dinner in 2014

In Memoriam: Ken Christensen

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” ~Google tells me this quote is attributed to Nelson Henderson but to me it belongs to Ken Christensen, who spoke those words often and took them deeply to heart.
Monnjumpers Mash Pale Ale Beercan Lable

Moonjumpers Partner with Six Harbors Brewery to Serve Little Shelter and Angels of Warriors

The Moonjumpers have partnered with Six Harbors Brewery on a new craft beer,
Bee on Aster by Katheryn Laible

Native Garden and Ecolandscaping Resources

A few years ago now, I started reaching out to friends and collecting resources that we are pleased to share with you!
Pop art photo of sunflowers

How to Help Ukraine

Help Ukraine: Proceeds from sales of this print “Technicolor Sunflower Vibrations” by Katheryn


More Recent Stories

Photo of Mallory Braun with pop up bookstire at the Huntington Arts Council

Prelude to The Next Chapter: Popup at the HAC!

It was a pleasure to finally meet, Mallory Braun, champion of an endeavor to make sure Huntington doesn't go too long without an iconic bookstore.
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Smart Growth Awards Logo

21st Annual Smart Growth Awards: LIVE and In-Person!

For over 20 years Vision Long Island has been honoring individuals, organizations, and projects that advance the growth of our downtowns and infrastructure. Specific focus areas include transit oriented development, affordable housing, environmental sustainability, traffic calming, transportation enhancements, clean energy and community based planning.
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2022 Folio Awards graphic

Fair Media Council Folio Awards: LIVE and In-Person!

After two years virtual The Fair Media Council Folio Awards, Long Island’s biggest media event, is back LIVE AND IN PERSON!
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Photo of Small List Big Results with a pencil and a cup of tea.

Book Review: Small List Big Results by Robbie Samuels

I recently made a good time investment reading “Small List Big Results” by Robbie Samuels. Here, he shows how it’s not the size of our network, but how we work
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photo of bird rising over Cold Spring Harbor 2022

Rise and Shine

Photo entitled “Cold Spring Harbor: Rising 2022” by Katheryn Laible I remember the wisest, sweetest, most incredible woman I know saying,“People pray for power. It is better that they will
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Oil Painting - Pandemic Rainbow, March 2020

Reflections on a Pandemic Rainbow

Oil Painting from March 2020 Entitled “Pandemic Rainbow” While I give it my best to be the adult and hopefully a halfway decent parent, often it is my children who
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