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About Us

Our e-publication began as a way to stay connected with a rich network built over decades of deep service to organizations at the fusion point of interests. In 2018, we committed to this publication as something worthy of development: A resource to serve and celebrate people who care for art, science and the common good on Long Island and beyond. It is driven by love, endeavors toward truth, and offers our best to appreciate it.

We feature folks who seem to care for our communities — socially, economically, and environmentally — as well as those who help us to be better people, leaders and stewards. We offer consideration of ethics and critical thinking. There’s art, culture, philosophy and science in here…body, mind, and soul…natural beauty, thoughtfully tended gardens… at least 400 different people and entities have been featured already in our samplings of items that we hope will encourage you to open your eyes to so much more.

You can read the philosophy driving Synchronicity and its parent company, Laible & Fitzsimmons, Inc. here. Basically, it’s positive reinforcement aimed at folks who endeavor to give this world their best. We appreciate your feedback and support, and thank you for sharing all the good that you may do.

It matters. Deeply.

We hope you find our endeavor enriching. Please enjoy.