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About Us

Katie and Trudy met toward the end of 1999 when Trudy sat on the board of a new organization where Katie had just been hired.

“I’m so glad we picked you! You are wonderful. This is going to be marvelous.”

“How the heck do you know?” asked Katie, “We just met!”

“Oh, I know.” said Trudy. With that, she turned and walked out the door.

It was the start of many things interesting, challenging and deeply worth-while; a wonderful journey featuring great people, resources and more that they are now pleased to share with you.

The Synchronicity Network Newsletter

Our e-publication began as a way to stay connected with a rich network built over decades of deep service to organizations at the fusion point of interests. In 2018, we committed to this publication as something worthy of development: A resource to serve and celebrate people who care for art, science and the common good on Long Island and beyond. It is driven by love, endeavors toward truth, and offers our best to appreciate it.

We feature folks who seem to care for our communities — socially, economically, and environmentally — as well as those who help us to be better people, leaders and stewards. We offer consideration of ethics and critical thinking. There’s art, culture, philosophy and science in here…body, mind, and soul…natural beauty, thoughtfully tended gardens… at least 400 different people and entities have been featured already in our samplings of items that we hope will encourage you to open your eyes to so much more.

You can read the philosophy driving Synchronicity and its parent company, Laible & Fitzsimmons, Inc. here. Basically, it’s positive reinforcement aimed at folks who endeavor to give this world their best. We appreciate your feedback and support, and thank you for sharing all the good that you may do.

It matters. Deeply.

We hope you find our endeavor enriching. Please enjoy.

Who We Are.

Laible, Katheryn

Katheryn Laible

Founding Partner

Katheryn Laible is a writer, a photographer, and handy in many ways. A lifelong learner, she has a passion for using her talents and skills to serve the common good. Katheryn is President of Laible & Fitzsimmons, Inc., which founded the Synchronicity Network Newsletter. She is also a Managing Partner of The Firefly Artists of Northport, whose Main Street gallery grandly re-opened a beautiful new location in May, 2019.

Katheryn spent five years as Acting Director of Leadership Huntington, Long Island’s first and only Community Leadership Program. For nearly ten years she was Assistant Director of Vision Long Island, the region’s premier Smart Growth organization. She has served as consultant, program coordinator, and grant writer for many other organizations, notably the Nassau County Museum of Art, Nathan Hale VFW Post 1469 and The Corridor: Long Island’s Journal for Strategic Alliances.

In 2012, Katheryn participated in a month-long Rotary Group Study Exchange throughout Minas Gerais, Brazil. In 2017, she wandered through a bit of Italy. Most of her artwork, though, focuses on the beauty of Long Island and her “Northern Paradise” just outside the “City of Ships,” Bath, Maine. She is a proud supporter of the effort to transform the Coltrane Home in Dix Hills into a museum and education center that advances the musical and humanitarian legacies of John and Alice Coltrane. Many images on that website are hers. 

Katheryn is a Centerport native. She has lived across Long Island, just inside the beaches of Delaware and now resides in Syosset with her family.


Trudy Fitzsimmons

Founding Partner

Trudy Fitzsimmons has held diverse leadership roles and volunteered across Long Island for over forty years, starting with church, school and local theater groups. In 1998, her employer at Cablevision recognized her potential and sponsored her participation in a community stewardship organization called Leadership Huntington.

Trudy spent the next 12 years as one of that organization’s most ardent volunteers, attaining a prominent role on the board, chairing it’s Curriculum Committee, and strongly supporting organizational development and program activities. From 2007 to 2014, she served as Leadership’s Program Director, developing, connecting and engaging everyday people to help them become extraordinary citizens. Trudy was also an early board member of Long Island’s premier smart growth organization, Vision Long Island. She has served as that organization’s Co-Chair since 2013.

Other leadership roles have included serving as a Director of the Huntington Township Housing Coalition, President of the Ladies Auxiliary for VFW Post 1469 and Suffolk County as a whole, a Board Member of the Moonjumpers Charitable Foundation, and a Division 2 Coordinator for Suffolk County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Mrs. Fitzsimmons is a proud mother of four, and a favorite nanny to all five grandchildren.