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Firefly Lights: Great Classes, Local Art, Lovely Artists!

Thank you for making us the 2022 Best Art Gallery on Long Island! We’re located at 162 Main Street, in beautiful

Photo of the Month, by Katheryn Laible

Photo of a canadian anenome blooming in the garden by Katheryn Laible.  View more of her and other local artists’ works in person at The Firefly Artists in Northport or visit to see more of her portfolio and shop online

Photo of the WTC memorial lights by Colin Hopkins

We Will Never Forget…

We Will Never Forget… Photo of the WTC memorial lights by Colin Hopkins,
Max moving art from the old gallery

Firefly Lights: Grateful…

This is what moving a family centered Main Street gallery – specifically The

A 4th of July Reflection on US

The 4th of July honors the US Declaration of Independence. Its most well-known passage is the foundation upon which the colonists’ grievances were justified and a bold declaration of human rights...
Photo by Hillie Chan on Unsplash


When I think of Juneteenth, I see one hard-won step on a very
Photo of the USA Patriots with Joe Bartumioli. Photo Credit: Steve Caputo

Heroes Take the Field: USA Patriots Amputee Softball Team

Come to The Firefly Artists 7/22 starting at 5pm for a special reception with extraordinary heroes: The USA Patriots Amputee Softball Team.
WWII Veteran Gus Scutari leads children in honoring fallen soldiers at the 2015 Syosset Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day Meaning and Events on Long Island

Every Memorial Day, Gus Scutari would invite veterans, Long Island dignitaries and the
Photo by Myriam Zilles on Unsplash

Grand Openings! Congrats to all Involved with the Cinema Arts Centre and the Half Hollow Hills Community Library!

Grand Openings of Wonderful Things! Photo by Myriam Zilles on Unsplash Congratulations to
A photo of a scout photographing a site while Jean Henning surveys the brush

Nassau County Museum of Art: Touring the Grounds in Preparation…

Above is a photo of my Life Scout son, Max and my dear

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Synchronicity Open Doors Reception Featuring Lionel Chitty

Join us for our first ever “Open Doors Reception” This will be an evening of networking, light refreshments and good fun. It will be held at The Firefly Artists Gallery
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Monnjumpers Mash Pale Ale Beercan Lable

Moonjumpers Partner with Six Harbors Brewery to Serve Little Shelter and Angels of Warriors

The Moonjumpers have partnered with Six Harbors Brewery on a new craft beer, The label, shown above, was designed by Emma DeDora. She’s a cousin of Six Harbors Co-Owner Karen
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Honey I Shrunk the Art logo

Firefly Reception: Honey I Shrunk the Art!

Join us Firefly Artists this Sunday, May 1st from 12-5pm for a reception for “Honey I Shrunk the Art!”  I love this gallery and the people who make up our
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Photo of Mallory Braun with pop up bookstire at the Huntington Arts Council

Prelude to The Next Chapter: Popup at the HAC!

It was a pleasure to finally meet, Mallory Braun, champion of an endeavor to make sure Huntington doesn't go too long without an iconic bookstore.
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photo of bird rising over Cold Spring Harbor 2022

Rise and Shine

Photo entitled “Cold Spring Harbor: Rising 2022” by Katheryn Laible I remember the wisest, sweetest, most incredible woman I know saying,“People pray for power. It is better that they will
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