Infinite Potential: Donna, Rosemarie, and Drake Media Studios

From far left: Rosemarie Kleupfel, ___, ___, Donna Drake, Chris LaVecchia

Photo at Drake Media Studios by Katheryn Laible

Infinite Potential: Donna, Rosemarie, and Drake Media Studios

I was delighted to recently get to tour the AMAZING Drake Media Studios and learn that Rosemarie Kleupfel is now working with Donna Drake!!! 

Rosemarie Kleupfel

If you’ve followed here for long, or been in any number of go-getting LI circles, you’ve probably met Rosemarie. I think I encountered her first when the Fairway Foundation hosted the Long Island simulcast viewing of a profound full-day international leadership summit featuring the likes of Simon Sinek, Malcolm Gladwell, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

It might have been Rosemarie who first introduced me to SCWBEC, the Suffolk County Women’s Business Enterprise Coalition. I know I found her offerings there of professional development and communications presentations exceptionally useful.

It was Rosemarie who shared with me this incredible adventure bringing builders, interior design experts and others together to make a veteran a home. This was just one of many endeavors to serve veterans that Rosemarie championed with the Fairway Foundation.

A mother of two women, Rosemarie has a particular passion for serving female veterans. Really, she loves helping anyone who wants to be all that they can be.

She sings in the Chuck Evans Band, has been known to write, and is excited to now join forces with Donna.

This is a good match!!!

Donna Drake

Donna is incredibly down to Earth, with an open heart and thoughtful mind to inspire all who will to reach for the stars. Hailing from St. Louis and now a Long Island girl, Donna has grown to become an international award-winning creative artist. She is a writer, producer, actor and influencer. Her beloved, uplifting local production, an enthusiastic invitation to “Live it Up!” is now simply called “The Donna Drake Show.” It has come to reach across the US and 25 countries.

Donna is all about hope, motivation and resilience. Through over 600 episodes, her show has featured over 7500 moving conversations. She has hosted celebrity entertainers, sports legends, top journalists, business moguls, authors, motivational speakers, medical professionals, health and wellness experts, beauty and fashion icons, chefs, and diverse non-profit organizations.

The best part might be the everyday heroes who share stories of triumph, inspiration and perseverance.

Your Opportunity: Drake Media Stories

In the past few years, Donna has also come to own one of the most welcoming video and film production facilities in the USA. Drake Media Studios encompass 8,200 square feet of stages, editing suites, and support spaces. They are equipped with full gear, ranging from an Arri Alexa to a light bulb.

Here’s an online tour. It was so much fun to visit this amazing place. It is a treasure; charming, exhilarating and heartwarming. Valuable memorabilia hang with precious children’s artwork. The furnishings and décor are a uniquely comfortable feast for the imagination. Add in the warm, creative hospitality of Donna (which always seems to include introducing folks to other great people) and you have a good time going!

They offer full service creative production. Whether you are eager to reach the world or host an intimate event, have your own crew or need full support, these folks want you to know they are psyched and prepared. You can rent a customized studio (like totally customizable), or do simple vod (video on demand) or podcast. They can handle production, distribution, syndication, marketing…

If you just want to have an unforgettable gathering, they can help you set the stage.

The possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to see what they do, what you do!

I’m going to follow them. 

Book Review: Small List Big Results by Robbie Samuels

Photo of Small List Big Results with a pencil and a cup of tea.

I recently made a good time investment reading “Small List Big Results” by Robbie Samuels. Here, he shows how it’s not the size of our network, but how we work it that makes the difference, offering “step-by-step guidance on how to wake up your network, discover likely prospects and likely referral partners, co-create the offer, and run a pilot.”

I met Robbie over 20 years ago when he was still figuring out who he was. At that time, he already had it more together than I suspect I ever will. At the same time, he was already helping more people more deeply and more profoundly than I can fathom. What he did for me was probably just day to day being for him. For me it was lifelong priceless…on a multitude of levels.

Robbie is one of the best teachers I have ever experienced. He is exceptionally patient, gracious and empathetic, while at the same time incredibly straight forward, organized and practical. A life-long learner, he is committed to continually improving himself at least as much as anyone else around him. All the while, he shares as he grows.

This latest book, “Small List Big Results” captures all of that. It is honest, open and intensely useful. Here, he brings an incredible wealth of experience, study and personal reflection together to gently yet firmly guide you to reach out to others and determine your best plan of action.

The major thrust is clear, and the strategy clearly articulated at a level of detail that most would gloss over. The golden nuggets he drops in passing are deeply valuable. One might think all this might result in something mildly unwieldy, but it’s a quick read that gets you immediately into action.

I recommend it, and everything else he offers highly.

Robbie was mentioned here before when he leapt out in 2020 to help people create better Zoom experiences. That program has evolved and now has a waiting list. I have also long appreciated his thoughts on Croissants vs. Bagels. Here’s a Tedx Talk on that. You can also follow him on Facebook. His On the Schmooze”  podcast is really good!

The Fair Media Council Has Got it Going On!

Fair Media Council Logo

The Fair Media Council “bridges the gap between the news consumer and the news media.” They help us all better understand what good journalism means, and why it’s so important. They are huge advocates for the incredible importance of LOCAL news. Check out some of their upcoming:

LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP: “Designing Your Marketing Mix” Tues, Nov. 16, 10-11 a.m Featuring Melissa Connolly, Vice President, University Relations, Hofstra University

FMC FAST CHATS: “Be in the know in 30 minutes.” Ask Your Questions. These are fantastic….They’re only a year old and they’ve already earned two awards. Here are the upcoming:

Political Polarization: Can’t We All Just Get Along? Fri, Nov. 19, 10am Featuring Renowned Expert Peter T. Coleman, Ph.D., Director, Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation & Conflict Resolution Columbia University

America’s Internet Addiction: What Now? Tues, Nov. 30, 2pm Featuring Dr. David Greenfield, founder, The Center for Internet & Technology Addiction

JOB ALERT: Freelance Guest Booker FMC seeks an experienced guest booker for podcasts and events. News background a plus. Send inquiries to

LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE: to their informative YouTube Channel and Newsletter.

BECOME A MEMBER: The cause is really important. The privileges are fantastic.

They’re also looking for speakers, sponsors and folks who want to get involved and/or bring FMC programming into their organization: Email to inquire. Leaders in media and business who would apply to be a guest on FMC Fast Chat should inquiries to

Welcome Sponsor! UNI Communications!

We have stories to tell about the wonderful experience we’re having with this organization’s founder, Brandon Palanker. For now, let’s just say we are grateful for his support!!!

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UNI taps its founder’s 20+ years marketing experience with expertise across a full array of industries and business typologies including real estate, municipal governance, technology, small business, restaurant and hospitality, and not-for-profit.

Utilizing a customer-centric, personal approach, UNI matches technology and graphic design capabilities with full service agency experience and professionalism. This grants clients access to industry knowledge and insights rarely available to start-ups, small, and mid-sized businesses. The result is the highest quality web design, branding, and marketing services, all within a budget you can afford. Simply put, websites and branding good enough for the Fortune 500, at a budget you can afford!

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