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Bee on Aster by Katheryn Laible

Native Garden and Ecolandscaping Resources

A few years ago now, I started reaching out to friends and collecting resources that we are pleased to share with you!
A photo of a scout photographing a site while Jean Henning surveys the brush

Nassau County Museum of Art: Touring the Grounds in Preparation…

Above is a photo of my Life Scout son, Max and my dear
Photo of Nicole Tamaro, Matt Goreman and Sara Abbass at the 2nd Annual Northport Native Garden Initiative Plant Sale

Northport Native Garden Initiative: Building Community, Healing Our World, One Plant at a Time

Northport Native Garden Initiative Co-Founders at their second annual Native Plant Sale. From
Oil Painting - Pandemic Rainbow, March 2020

Reflections on a Pandemic Rainbow

Oil Painting from March 2020 Entitled “Pandemic Rainbow” While I give it my
Photo of Textile Waste: New Report Shows Why and Where to Recycle Clothes on LI

Where Do Old Clothes Go? New Report Shines Light, Offers Guidance

Green Inside & Out has released a report on what best to do when we’re done with old fabrics. Check it out!

Home & Garden Archives

Support Your Local Ecology!

-Photo of bees on asters by Katheryn Laible. Photo of Beth Fiteni provided by Beth Fiteni. Our dear Beth Fiteni of Green Inside and Out was recently sharing word of
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A child's drawing of a rainbow

Have You Seen the Rainbows?

Just a little ray of hope to brighten the lives of the child in all of us. It started with a Facebook group called “Rainbows over Nassau and Suffolk Counties”.
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The Kids are Home — Now What???

The Kids are Here! by Katheryn Laible We are grateful schools are working to provide digital education on the fly, and wish everyone the best in figuring that out. We
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Main St, Northport

Support Local Business & Community Groups

Photo of Northport Village by Katheryn Laible This is a really tough time to be a small business or a not-for-profit organization. While everyone is rightly encouraged to stay home
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