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The Servant Leader

I’ve had the fortune to experience leadership from both sides of the fence, both effective and ineffective. In today’s world, so many claim to be good leaders or declare others to be good leaders, but how do we know if that’s true? Do we ask their bosses? Their subordinates? Do we compare them to history’s great leaders? Or do we judge them by their actions?
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Synchronicity Open Doors Reception Featuring Dr. Jeff Reynolds

Join us for our next “Open Doors Reception” This will be an evening
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More to the Story…

When I last saw one of my smart, loving, mommy friends…one of those grandmothers they speak of who rise up to save the world…she spoke of a video that’s inspired her:
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Synchronicity Open Doors Reception Featuring Lionel Chitty

Join us for our first ever “Open Doors Reception” This will be an
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Fair Media Council Folio Awards: LIVE and In-Person!

After two years virtual The Fair Media Council Folio Awards, Long Island’s biggest media event, is back LIVE AND IN PERSON!

Professional Development Archives

Photo of Small List Big Results with a pencil and a cup of tea.

Book Review: Small List Big Results by Robbie Samuels

I recently made a good time investment reading “Small List Big Results” by Robbie Samuels. Here, he shows how it’s not the size of our network, but how we work
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Kaylin St. Victor, "Girl of the Year" with Girls Inc Executive Director Renee Flagler

Girls Inc. of Long Island: Strong. Smart. Bold.

It was a privilege to witness Girl’s Inc of Long Island produce their Annual Gala. As an organizational wonk and a human being, I instantly fell in love with these strong, smart, empowering women, the folks they draw into their fold, and their skilled passion for the girls it is their job to nurture.
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Welcome Sponsor! UNI Communications!

We have stories to tell about the wonderful experience we’re having with this organization’s founder, Brandon Palanker. For now, let’s just say we are grateful for his support!!! UNI (You
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Support Your Local Scout Troop

Katie's own son, Max, is the Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 205 in Syosset. Above, you can see him with some fellow Scouts gathering food for those in need last summer.
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