Steve Caputo has a Cause to Share and a Story to Tell. With Pictures.

Photo of Steve Caputo wearing an American Cancer Society t-shift provided by Steve Caputo

Photograph of Firefly Steve Caputo, Light of Day Gallery, provided by Steve Caputo. Thank you, Steve, for letting us share this story and your beautiful images. The month is over, but you can continue to donate to The American Cancer Society. You can also follow Steve on his personal facebook page to find his blogging has continued. We appreciate his thoughtful, uplifting views and suspect that you might, too.

Early on in September, Facebook and its mysterious algorithm served me a sponsored ad for this American Cancer Society Photo-a-Day challenge for October. For reasons that shall become apparent, this resonated with me, and although I do not normally sign up for such things, this time I did. They encouraged me to register and to set up my fundraiser page, which I did not realize would immediately launch. So there, in early September, my page was published and suddenly I’m not sure if that means I should start sharing my photos or not. I did, and lo and behold many of you responded and donated, and for that I am so grateful. Still I did not know if there was a prescribed form to this social media campaign, or a purpose beyond fundraising for a worthy cause.
Now, here we are at October 1, and I realize that I have a story to tell… and with this page, a vehicle through which to share it. I hope you’ll join me.
Photo of a monarch butterfly by Firefly Steve Caputo, Light of Day Gallery

This started as a photo a day to help the American Cancer Society fight for a world without cancer. Like so many, I have known family and friends who’ve battled the disease, including some who continue to fight. This year, I find myself personally impacted, and it occurs to me that this platform offers a way to channel my passion for photography to help relay a personal journey that may resonate with others. The month is over, but you can still consider making a donation because every little bit helps. Thank you for your support!