The Philosophy That Guides

I am forever reflecting on this endeavor to develop a communications platform centered on the Synchronicity Network Newsletter.

The mission, as currently understood, is this:

Synchronicity Planning & Communications endeavors to serve and celebrate those who care for art, science and the common good on Long Island and beyond, improving the quality and quantity of community engagement.

Digging deeper I ask myself, "WHY?"

I offer the following:

One day, I realized that the only way to be 100% sure there’s at least one person really trying to be good — best I can humbly figure how — is to do so myself. Not to knock circumstantial evidence, we just can’t “see” intent. We can only come close to knowing our own.

I also realized – noting how strangers impact my own day, how people influence people who influence people who influence me, and how we can see how some influence the course of generations and more — that everything we do and possibly even think has impact far beyond what we might suspect.

Everything matters.

So, I decided that if I loved anything – and I love much -- the moral thing to do was to serve the greater good.

I soon found that as long as I’m giving it my best — which best included, I found, seeking out others who inform and inspire me — it not only reinforces my faith that others are, too, but also seems to attract good people. I don’t know whether it’s something about “The Universe” minding our intentions or the more mundane magic that happens when we simply know what we are looking for and set out to find it….but I can testify that I have had more than one answered prayer tap me on the shoulder and invite me in.

I found that proceeding this way also seems to bring out the best in others, even in those who clearly aren’t trying elsewhere. Not enough, perhaps – one must learn to artfully walk the line between being good and being a fool’s tool — but the impact seems significant and makes the endeavor all the more worthwhile.

I also realized that no matter how hard I try I cannot avoid mistakes, weakness, and frustration. One can keep improving, but perfection is not a human trait I’ve noted. As I persist as honestly and earnestly as I can, however, I find that the tough love of experience does breed patience, compassion and, curiously, hope. It also reinforces the value of humility, withholding judgment and endeavoring instead to discern where others may be coming from, and the value of positively reinforcing those who seem to be endeavoring to become something better.

Especially when I factor in my deep gratitude for those who help me find the light when I feel lost or unworthy; Especially when I realize that folks who may not align with my preconceived notion of “good” may have a lot to teach me. Especially when I marvel at the exquisite beauty that is, and how much good has been done — against all odds it seems, sometimes; Especially when I think of how breeding such faith and effort and improving the success rate in only a few more could have exponential ramifications.

The opposite is sadly true, too. Maybe even more so. Nastiness and apathy sure are contagious. Seeing that makes me feel all the more compelled to try and be a countering force for good. I may make errors, but to fail to try seems to annihilate my right to hope at best, an act of evil at worst.

So here I am – For the sake of all worth living for, all the good that might be, and in deep gratitude to those who have granted me so much: I endeavor. No matter what else happens, there’s comfort in knowing for sure at least one person is, especially when it brings one close to others who support that faith. At the very least, it seems much better than the alternative,

It gives purpose, meaning and hope.

As Such...

The Synchronicity Networking and Communications Platform serves and celebrates folks  who care for Art Science and the Common Good. Driven by the realization that it’s best to be what we want to see in the world, it gives its best to offer Love & Truth in equal measure, fueled by Faith that if we endeavor in this vein, people – and maybe even more — will join us.

We offer inspiration and gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, humility, and thoughtfulness, and the reflection that this seems to be a fairly fulfilling way to leads one’s life. There are lots of resources, practical guidance and interesting opportunities.

We don’t claim to know much of anything and promise even less, but we’re more than happy to offer our best and invite you to do the same.