Artist Profile: An Original Firefly – Kate Sydney

Photo of GrowMore Jewelry
Kate Sydney was one of the very first Fireflies, a co-founder in fact. She has served us well as Managing Partner throughout our existence. Though she’s stepping back a little bit to spend more time with her beautiful boys, she will always be one of our primary artists. We like to think that when we put on her gorgeous jewelry we are channeling a little bit of the calming, uplifting spirit that has skillfully guided us thus far. Here’s her bio:

“Kate Sydney is an alchemist of timeless designs with a modern edge and natural feel. She employs striking gemstones and precious metals in each of her one of a kind creations. Kate takes Mother Nature’s gifts and concocts wearable vessels, which are reflections of the staggering beauty of our planet.

‘I create pieces that I infuse my heart and being into. I carefully select each gemstone and think about how I want to showcase the magic it possesses just by being itself. I want my clients to feel like the best version of themselves when they’re wearing my designs….like the glow from the gems might seep into their body and light up their spirit.’

Images of Kate Sydney jewelry
Images provided by Kate Sydney
Although she has been making and selling jewelry since the age of twelve (more than 25 years), in 2013 Kate earned a certificate in Comprehensive Jewelry Training from the only licensed and accredited jewelry trade school in New York, Studio Jewelers, Ltd. There, she added fabrication, forging, stone setting, wax carving, and casting to her skill set.

In 2011, Kate co founded an artists cooperative in the heart of Northport Village called The Firefly Artists.  In the last eight years, Firefly has showcased the work of over one hundred Long Island artists of varying media.

In 2018, Kate Sydney was selected for two juried exhibitions through the Huntington Arts Council. Her piece, ‘Eaton’s Neck Arrowhead’ was awarded an honorable mention for the ‘Discovering Long Island’ show.

While the Firefly eagerly awaits the moment we get to open a new set of doors, Kate’s gorgeous jewelry can be found on her website .You can also see her work at Nest on Main Market on Main St. in downtown Northport, which is celebrating it’s first full year in business!