An Affirmation


“What I really would like said about me is that I dared to love. By love, I mean that condition in the human spirit so profound it encourages us to develop courage and build bridges, and then to trust those bridges and cross the bridges in attempts to reach other human beings.”

                                                                ~ Maya Angelou


Right now there are so many people in utter anguish at the ills that they can hardly see straight.

So many people of all kiths and kinds only want what’s right. We may not always understand each other. We may have much to learn, to reconcile, to heal…but so many only want what’s right.

Right now, there are so many people risking their lives in so many ways because they care so deeply about trying to make things right.

And then there are those doing things we just don’t understand… It only takes a bare, mean few hell-bent on ruining things for everyone to send us all into chaos. Maybe some are ill, maybe some are broken, maybe some are dangerous fools or outright evil…but even at that final extreme…We do not understand…Who wins at this? What is the prize? Especially now, when so much is at stake?

Better question: How do we overcome?

The only answer we know is to uplift those who endeavor toward truth and love, and who kindle humble faith that it’s worth the endeavor. May they succeed beyond our wildest dreams…

For all who do: Thank you. We give you our best. On beyond that, We pray.

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