Counting Blessings to Help Furloughed Workers and Others Caught Up in the Political Storm

We hold out hope that those elected to the highest offices in our government will somehow navigate away from the broken politics of today toward respectful, intelligent, evidence-based, compassionate, practical, collaborative, solutions-oriented problem solving regarding our immigration system and border security, as well as a vast number of other issues impacting this nation that we share.

We feel the need to add that we are also often saddened to hear it expressed that because it is “government” it must therefore necessarily be wasteful and incompetent. While we firmly agree that corruption and other ills must be overcome, we are also exceptionally grateful for so many who serve our nation professionally and highly competently, including those impacted by the current shutdown, such as those in meteorology, food safety, the TSA, the Coast Guard, the SEC and Justice Department, and so many others who keep us safe and informed, and who hold in trust our nation’s treasure for the benefit of US all.

Among the many covering this issue, Reuters offers a “Factbox” on the impacts of the current shutdown from the end of the year.  The NY Times offers an article that goes a little more in depth.  Vox seems to have one of the more updated analyses of what’s being funded right now, what’s not, and who’s going to work anyway, The Washington Post offers this analysis of the contractors whose work depends on a functioning federal government. WNYC has pieces on the impact to low-wage workers, and what might happen with Federal Courts. VentureBeat wants you to remember that there are Cybersecurity implications as well.

Of course, our purpose is not to focus on problems, but to count blessings. So, for our part, we want to take a moment to thank all of those who are giving all they can to override the desperate political dysfunction to support our hardworking public servants, especially the ones who are showing up to work anyway just because it’s the right thing to do.

We offer special thanks to organizations like Island Harvest and Long Island Cares, who have been at the forefront of stepping up to make sure those who aren’t getting paid are at least getting fed. Keep in mind, these folks already have their hands full. The number of folks who face tough decisions between food and rent and medicine on Long Island is sobering. This most recent Oxfam report  which shows that “Billionaire fortunes increased by 12 percent last year—or $2.5 billion a day—while the 3.8 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity saw their wealth decline by 11 percent” is a bit global in its view, but Long Islanders are no strangers to the “Tale of Two Cities” feeling that this study validates.

For Newsday, Bart Jones and Zachary R. Dowdy wrote “LI Groups Gearing Up to Help Those Hurt by Government Shutdown” The article includes video of an event convened by Island Harvest, that further explains impacts of the shutdown on Long Island and highlights donations from Stop & Shop, American Portfolio in Ronkonkoma, and the Connecticut-Based Coast Guard Foundation, as well as what Suffolk and Nassau social services officials, utilities, and local elected officials are doing to try and help. At the end, there’s a specific list guiding folks to LI Cares, Angels of Long Island, Nassau FCU, The Suffolk County SPCA and Island Harvest to get (and to offer) help.

Another Newsday article by Daysi Calavia-Robertson, “LI Businesses Reach Out with Freebies to Help Furloughed Workers” profiles a number of small businesses who are doing their part to lend a hand. The offerings include everything from a cup of tea, to lunch, to a haircut or manicure, to mechanics offering free labor for repairs. We know what kind of margins Main Street works on. We also know how giving they still tend to be. Thank you!!!

Alex Costello, writing for the Wantagh-Seaford Patch writes about how “You Can Help Long Island Coast Guard Members During The Shutdown” via a donation to the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association, which represents the Coast Guard and other Veterans.

In the Long Island Business News, Bernadette Starzee wrote “NEFCU Offers Interest-Free Loans for Furloughed Workers”and Adina Genn reported in “Island Harvest: More Help For Federal Workers Affected by Shutdown” about some assistance that can be applied for, as well as a few other entities offering their support to Long Island federal workers and contractors.

Here’s a piece by Alex Meier for ABC7NY: “Government Shutdown: Resources for Furloughed Employees in Greater NYC Area” that breaks down services by topic,  including beer and music, in addition to much more practical requirements.

Sara-Megan Walsh wrote this for TBR Newsmedia: “Huntington Boaters, Officials Launch Drives to Aid Federal Employees” It lists several sites where folks can donate food, personal hygiene items, household supplies, pet foods and gift cards, as well as simply write checks.

They shouldn’t have to do this. We hope they don’t have to do it for long, and that the end doesn’t come in a way that somehow rewards holding our Nation hostage. We pray for the day where we can work out our differences like responsible adults, without sacrificing our economy, our security and the well being of our people. Meanwhile, we’re grateful for these folks who are helping make sure we get by, and welcome suggestions of any other resources we may share.

Thank you.