Art Appreciation: Eloquent COVID-Era Medals on Loan for Public View

Image Motherhood Distinguished Service Medal, a heart felt found-object sculpture by Beth Atkinson

“Motherhood Distinguished Service Medal” by Beth Atkinson. It is one of the artist’s many intricate and eloquent COVID-era medals now on view at Huntington Town Hall

The worst of times can bring out the best in people. I am grateful for all who so rise, and for all who appreciate them.

Firefly Beth Atkinson did both throughout the COVID-19 lock-down, eloquently reflecting history as it happened through intricate, found-object sculpture. Many inspired and equipped Beth as she crafted these “Medals for COVID-Era Meritorious Service.” Throughout the lock-down, she would post these tributes regularly, complete with written commendations. You can see an album of those on The Firefly Artists Facebook Page

Recently, Beth loaned much of the collection to The Town of Huntington. It’s right in the front lobby of Town Hall at 100 Main St in Huntington, so anyone may come see these offerings of gratitude to folks who made the pandemic bearable. There’s a book of these pieces, together with their written commendations, that you may purchase by inquiring here.

It’s beautiful. It’s meaningful. Go check it out.

The more you look, the more you see. “The Royal Stitchery Commendation,” the “Medal for Meritorious Dedication to Art During the COVID-19 Pandemic, “The Cultivation Cornerstone Citation” and this beautiful tribute to teachers are among the many intricate, eloquent sculptures by Beth Atkinson now on view in the lobby of Huntington Town Hall.