Election Day is Coming! Are You Informed?

Photo by Cyrus Crossan on Unsplash

Election Day is upon us! Photo by Cyrus Crossan on Unsplash

Election Day – November 8th is upon us! Many of you may have already voted. Here are some resources to help you make the best decisions for you.

In a free society, it is a fundamental civic duty to give one’s best to understand and influence our leadership, best we know how. Voting may seem insignificant at times, but it really, really does matter.

Don’t let people with agendas swing you with sound bites, or, at the very least, give it your best to make sure you really understand their agenda. Expertise is also really important – it’s very smart to seek out a broad array folks who have studied and have experience about various issues as things are rarely as simple as some would have us think. It’s important to look and listen for ourselves, to try to understand where people are coming from, and to do the best we can to keep double checking our facts and endeavoring to learn. It’s not always easy, but it’s really important.

The more thoughtful voters, the more thoughtful decisions. Here’s hoping for the best!

There is So Much Being Communicated. It Can be Hard to Discern What’s Real!

Here the Fair Media Council offers “6 Tips on How to Battle Fake News”

As for basic information about the election and its candidates:

Ballotpedia is a great resource – a veritable encyclopedia of politics. Their sample ballot tool can help you know exactly what you’re voting for.

Project Vote Smart is also a fount of deeply valuable and unbiased information about the candidates,

as is Vote411.org, the League of Women Voters online voter guide.  You can go enter your address and get a personalized ballot and information on polling places and more.

You can also check out AARP’s Voting Guide.

This Year We’re Voting for Governor!

Watch this debate, the only one between Governor Kathleen Hochul and her challenger Lee Zeldin:

Check out these fact checks on their claims

From Politifact,


and the Buffalo Times:

And Congressmen!

Your vote matters even more when it comes to choosing your Congressional Representatives.

Vision Long Island, the LI Main Street Alliance, and Tied in Media Studios in collaboration with AARP NY, hosted an in studio, “Meet the Candidates” educational event for the Congressional Races across Long Island.

You can find them on Vision’s Facebook page here, or directly on Vimeo here, along with many other interviews with local leaders talking about things we should know about.

"We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate." - Thomas Jefferson

Give us your best, will you? It matters. Thanks.