Firefly Lights – December 2020

Our own favorite small business is the community-oriented gallery created by local artists that’s continued to be a light in our lives throughout 2020. Katie is honored to be a Managing Partner of The Firefly Artists. The main gallery at 162 Main St, Northport is open Tuesday through Thursday 11am-6pm (closed for Christmas), Fri and Sat 11am-8pm and Sunday 11-5pm. Send Katie an email if you’d like to meet up down there!

Now Showing in our "Darcy Center for the Arts"

We are soooo thrilled to have found ourselves actually GROWING this year — creating a new space where we can host full-scale special exhibitions and events!

“Out of Isolation” is the first juried exhibition in our new Darcy Center for the Arts, located right above our main Firefly Artists Gallery. In a world turned upside down, we have sheltered in our homes and expressed our feelings with creativity. This exhibition showcases Pandemic-Era work and the stories behind them, honoring our 2020 experience and celebrating our resilience through art.

Featuring Works of: Mary Ahern, Beth Atkinson, Marilyn Barker, Mary Brodersen, Evan Campanella, Marina Carreira, Karen Cunningham, Lisa Federici, Cori Forster, Ann Fox, Susan Gatti, John Fox, Briana Gervat, Syd Glasser, Jan Guarino, Gerry Hirschstein, Kate Kelly, Julianna Kirk, Kirk Larsen, John Lazzaro, Katheryn Laible, Michelle Lesser, Karen Lind, Avrel Menkes, Susan Miller, Alex Morel, Drigo Morin, Alison Mack, Deborah Mahoney, Claire Maske, Celeste Mauro, Meridith McNeal, Helen Murdock-Prep, Stephanie Navon-Jacobsen, Gina Palmer, Vivien Pollack, Silvia Maria Rey, Irene Sankari, Joanne Scotto-Lavin, Mary Jane Tenerelli, Tracy Tekverk, Helen Towey, Victoria Twomey, Ana Urbach, Gillian Wainwright, Lana Sumi Wallace

Judged by Dan Welden

An Open House Reception will be held during Main Gallery Hours, January 8-10. For visitor comfort and safety, the reception will be spread throughout the weekend with a 12 person maximum capacity at one time in the gallery. Visit at your leisure, masks are required.

Artist samples by Rachel Kalina (left) and Ian Fennelly provided by the Firefly Artists

In Person and ZOOM Classes!

ZOOM The Journey of Looking in Waercolour and Pen with Ian Fennelly Friday, Jan 15th from 10:00am – 3:00pm (w/ 1/2 hour break). Course fee: $80 per person. Class is suitable for all levels. Click here for more info and to register

In this Watercolor Masters Series, Firefly Jan Guarino is bringing in artists she loves learning from to teach YOU! Embark on a creative journey painting our own beloved Village of Northport with Artist, Teacher and Urban Sketcher, Ian Fennelly, who is Zooming in from the UK and loves to record the experience of being in a busy place. 

We also have in-person Jewelry Making Classes with Firefly Rachel Kalina! These are small in person classes: Metal Stamping, Start Metalsmithing, Basic and Advanced Soldering and Stone Setting. Email Katie and she can get you details!