In Gratitude for the Good News Makers

This is a lovely thing: Thank you, John Krasinski and all involved in “Some Good News!”

We are even more grateful that, while there are very special aspects unique to SGN’s own scale (say…that Hamilton thing a few weeks back, or more recently those amazing commencement conversations), these bits shared from across the country are but a small sampling of what’s happening right here, right now in our own backyards.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

It would be overwhelming if not so uplifting … and so deeply required.

Thank you.

We do not deny the difficult aspects of reality. The crisis is surreal. The challenges are enormous, multi-faceted, and often products of our own human shortcomings. We pray for healing, enlightenment, practical solutions and… frankly… miracles… offering our all in spirit and service, knowing our best chances require every bit of truth, love, humility, dexterity, faith and grace that we will muster.

… and not just to overcome the specific dire crisis now dominating our attention … we weren’t exactly on the best, most hopeful track before this…

Is this a demand to join in some new frenzy? No…though we pray a critical mass use this opportunity — the kind that only happens when surging momentums of the status quo are disrupted, and becomes extroadinary when so many people suddenly get to pause and think — to initiate new, more honest, more compassionate, more healthful ways of moving forward.

Please…do first what you require to care for yourself. It’s not selfish to do what only you can do for yourself, especially if you encourage and empower others to do the same. Breathe. Heal. Center. Tend to your own bit of the world…the things you love, best understand and are responsible for. That’s important. When you’ve got that covered, see what moves you next…

We see EMT’s, nurses, doctors, service members and so many essentially hands-on others bravely giving their best to tend to others. Incredibly, so many of these are somehow still going above and beyond …

These folks have always been heroes. Now, we need a new word … thank you …

We see others endeavoring mightily to feed, equip, and lobby for folks on the front lines, and for any others who require it. So many are going to such exceptional lengths to give, create, collect and deliver things where they may be of good use …

We are embracing our children. We hear teachers giving their very best to educate and embrace our children — executing the most extraordinary shift in process, completely revolutionizing education, at times with exceptional ingenuity, creativity and heart, all while dealing with all they have themselves at home. So many others are also rising to educate, inform, encourage, inspire, enlighten, heal … to help others rise above or simply carry on…we see folks making us laugh and think, and reminding us to cherish all we can give thanks for…not to gloat about it, but to kindle the light… so many artists living some sacred obligation to feed our souls

We see rainbows manifesting all over the island and now well beyond, as champions of Main Street and other small businesses – both owners and patrons – endeavor to serve and support one another, often in incredibly heartfelt, creative and thoughtful ways.

We see folks digging into their toolboxes and supply closets to see what they may apply to the current situation. For some, it’s good business. We are grateful. For many others, whom we pray will receive what’s required to thrive, the reward at the moment is simply being able to do what they do to serve others. People are better appreciating where food is grown, how things are made, who gets it done…the people who have for so long quietly been the fulcrum of our communities…

We hear sirens blaring, hons honking, people yelling and shouting….in support of heroic neighbors they may have never met, and yet love and are grateful for. We see drive by museums, hear soothing songs, and are certain children aren’t the only ones taking in the bedtime stories. Folks are offering prayer and healing intention… People are suddenly aware of how grateful they are for honest reports and loving care…for the sun on their face, breath in their bodies…

Sososososo much more….

We see people checking in with each other, giving their best to share the best they can, doing whatever bit they can to bring light and warmth and nurturing – casting aside false oppositions and endeavoring instead to learn together – to work together – to put their different pieces together to better understand and engage with the situation before us.

And even better? We realize that we’ve seen this all along; The pieces, the desire, the potential has been there all along. Now, gratefully, they are getting some focus.

May we keep feeding that, building that, appreciating that… Who knows what wonders may follow?

We send you love, light and healing.

We pray that you count many blessings, and accomplish something wonderful today.

We hope you take time to simply breathe;

To pace, to stand, to sit somewhere,

To lie flat with your eyes closed

Taking in the quiet, the birds, the sounds of home.

To listen, deeply and intentionally to some song, some story, some sermon on some mount that lifts you.

To find within yourself all that you require…to appreciate all that assist from without….to be a part of some synergy of life.