Happy Halloween!

Halloween Friends by Katheryn Laible

My mother always felt a main point of Halloween was to scare bad spirits away before winter gave them too many opportunities to wreak havoc. I love the idea, and really everything about All Hallow’s Eve.

You can learn all sorts of things about the holiday at history.com. article, which has been updated for 2023.

Here’s a history of the Celtic holiday Samhain from Time Magazine, which, due to it’s being an Irish word is, in fact, pronounced SOW-in.

This interesting old article from the BBC explores the connection (or maybe not) between All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day, and Samhain. For an even deeper and broader look at such holidays, check out the World History Encyclopedia.

Of course, many folks simply treasure Halloween for the opportunity to express their creativity and enjoy a great party of sweets, cosplay, and the fun of being playfully terrified. That works!

Are You Ready for Halloween?

Here are “159 of the most creative Halloween Costume Ideas Ever” from Bored Panda. If you have to come up with one yourself really fast, Readers Digest offers 102 Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Make Last Minute.

Here’s the 2023 Pumpkin Picking guide from Patch.com — I still need to get mine. Can’t wait to carve this weekend!

Here’s 100 easy ideas for that from Parade.com. If you want to take it to the next level, check out “111 World’s Coolest Pumpkin Designs” from homesthetics.net.

Let's Make Some Plans!

You can still get tickets for The Rise of the Jack o’ Lanterns, which is now held at the amazing arts summer camp, USDAN, in Melville!

Mommypoppins.com offers up all sorts of stuff to do on Halloween Weekend 2023.

Did you know there’s a Long Island Haunted House Calendar?

Did you know you can go to a more than one haunted car wash this weekend? (Newsday – mind the paywall) Newsday’s got a much more extensive list of Halloween things to do, too.

Don’t forget to check out cool local theaters. The Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington will be showing “The Exorcist.”

“More fun Less Fear” is the catch phrase of Halloween House, an event that bills itself as “Long Island’s #1 Halloween Attraction.” We’d suggest it’s got a lot of competition….but it does look really, really cool!

Downtown Happenings

This is also a great time of year to check out Long Island’s amazing downtowns, which are filled with treasures. Check out your local Chamber of Commerce, BID, and other local organizations to see what’s going on near you!

Check out The Huntington Arts Council’s exhibition “A Nightmare on Main Street,” an annual exhibition featuring artwork from students grades 6-12. These kids are SOOOOO talented!

Our own Firefly Artists Gallery features hauntingly beautiful works and so much more all year long from artists such as John Lazzaro (who is really a documentarian at heart– have you seen his latest book, ‘A Vanishing New York, Ruins Across the Empire State‘ ?!?), Paul Mele (who’s also got an exhibition entitled “Following In Their Footsteps: Inside Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital” going on at fotofoto in Huntington) and the amazing Kristen Memoli who now has a hauntingly cool shelf of curiosities to match her photography and book, “The Secret Soul of Things.”
Come to the gallery and see! There’s that and so much more…
The Northport Historical Society is also featuring photography from John Lazarro’s book this month. The show’s on view until 10/31.
In Oyster Bay there’s a “Halloween Ghost Walk and Dance Party” on 10/29 at Raynham Hall. The Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead is having a “Bats, Barnacles and Broomsticks” event where kids 12 and under wearing a costume get 50% off admission. Meanwhile, in Patchogue, they’ve got an “Official Halloween Bar Crawl” going on! There’s a Halloween Parade in Farmingdale, a 33rd Annual Halloween Festival in Stony Brook Village…

We strongly encourage you to check your local news source (and be thankful we have so many of them!). There’s so much to do and be inspired by! 

However you choose to celebrate (or not!), we wish you all the best!

Be safe, be smart, and enjoy.

Happy Halloween!!!

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