Happy Fourth of July!


“Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around”   ~ Henry David Thoreau

While more is developing, we’ve been reflecting on history and decided to offer this bit of newsletter now so we could share our own 4th of July Reflection, One thing we love about our nation is the spirit in which it was founded, the process by which it was advanced, and how it was basically designed to be a work in progress.

While there have always been tremendous challenges, all sorts of interests vying for power, and aspects we wish weren’t so, we remain grateful that through it all there have always been people endeavoring toward a more perfect union; giving their best to learn and do better, not just for themselves but in service to others. We are further grateful for the great diversity of our nation, and the incredible influences that come together to create our tapestry. May we together overcome all that is lesser, continually rising to more fully honor each other and this land we share, and to be a force for good in the wider world.

For all who live to make themselves, our communities and our nation live up to our most noble ideals, we are grateful: Thank you. We give you our best. On beyond that, We pray.



Katie and Trudy

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