Happy Thanksgiving

“Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.” ~Rumi

2020 has been tough, yet we find we have much to be grateful for.

We’ve lost dear ones, witnessed far too much suffering and seen our faith in humanity challenged in ways we never thought possible. At the same time, we’ve also witnessed determined survival, brave endeavors to stand up for what’s right, and incredible acts of loving kindness…often delivered by people who could have easily decided to give up.

As for our endeavor here to serve and celebrate those who care for art, science and the common good, while many of the big ideas and great plans we entered this year with had to take a back seat, we’ve been granted meaningful gifts of support and validation that, quit frankly, mean the world to us. Wonderful things are manifesting. We look forward to sharing them with you.

We are beyond grateful for the medical professionals, the first responders, the teachers and the essential workers of the world, We are also more thankful than ever for all those doing other really important work to serve our communities, and for every sponsor who continues to step up and support the organizations counting on them. We know so many are engaged in incredible acts of resilience and adaptation, and that just holding on can be something worthy of applause.

Thank you to all who are endeavoring to be a light in these uncertain times. We always love to hear from you, whatever you have going on, and welcome submissions to share!

We wish you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving, the courage and flexibility to switch things up for the better, and all the best in everything. Have a wonderful day!

Katie and Trudy

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