Come Learn: Huntington-Northport Oyster Reef Project

Flyer for a three-part educational series at Town Hall on "How to Improve & Protect our Marine Ecosystem." Join them Tuesday, June 6th at 6pm for the next one!
Flyer for the Huntington-Northport Oyster Reef Project’s “Rotary Speakers Forum at Town Hall” featuring experts from Cornel Cooperative Extension who want to teach us all how to improve the health of our waterways and more!

A Rotarian's Delight: Huntington-Northport Oyster Reef Project

Last time I saw the dearly missed Bill Bohn, he was really excited about his Rotary Club’s involvement in restoring our waterways. He was happily geeking out about different methods of fostering oysters, and thrilled at how they were involving diverse folks in making things healthier.

I think about how his face would light up as I notice that The Huntington Rotary has been coordinating a 3-part forum at Town Hall, “How to Improve and Protect Our Marine Ecosystem” featuring Aquaculture Experts at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County.

So far, they’ve talked about how folks can help raise oysters, and how oysters create habitat. Next, they will discuss the general importance of nurturing our shellfish:

“Filter Feeders: Benefits of Shellfish in our Embayments

When: June 6, 6pm
Where: Huntington Town Hall
Featuring: Matthew Sclafani, a marine biologist who’s worked with Cornel Cooperative Extension for decades.
In his work, Scalfani has developed many education and outreach programs as he focuses on marine fish and shellfish ecology, restoration ecology and conservation management, and citizen science-based conservation.
For More Info:
Matthew’s full credentials and more are available here.

The event is free and open to the public. I’m sure it will be deeply informative and attract great people. Please come learn!