Jonas Wagner Needs a Kidney: Family Still Searching for Donor Match After Community Event

Jonas Wagner Needs a Donor Swabbing Event Poster. To learn more about Kidney Donation email or call 718-431-9831 ex 209

I met Jonas Wagner when he was serving in his Citizen Advocate role for the Town of Huntington at a Huntington Station BID Meeting. He struck me as kind and knowledgeable; someone I’d like to get to know better. Though he didn’t bring it up at the meeting itself, conversation after led him to reveal that he was in need of a kidney. One got the impression that he wasn’t the kind of guy who would bother folks over this, but that he’d do whatever it took for his wife and kids…

Since, I have heard from multiple discerning sources that Jonas is all I thought he might be and more. Deeply intelligent, curious and generous. Kind and patient. Willing to do whatever it takes to serve his family and his community.

His situation is sudden and severe.

Gratefully, community response has been significant. There was a swabbing event at Huntington Town Hall led by Renewal, an organization that helps patients, families, and donors navigate the complex process of kidney transplant.

The event was covered by Northport Patch, News 12 and others. You can also view a recording of the event with Rabbi Josh Sturm of Renewal here. It’s long, but worthwhile. Here, you can hear from someone who is a kidney donor himself. Overall, the event was well attended and of tremendous uplift to the family.

They’re still looking for a match.

Folks interested in learning more about Kidney donation and seeing if they might be a potential match can please contact Renewal by email or by calling 718-431-9831 ext 209.