Catching Up With Jose: “Community” at Spotlight, Environmentally Conscious Public Art

Jose Tutiven and Bri Sanders at the Upsculpt Ribbon Cutting of "Lobster Buoy Boy" in Huntington early this month.

Jose Tutiven and Bri Sanders at the Upsculpt Ribbon Cutting of “Lobster Buoy Boy” in Huntington early this month. Photo by Katheryn Laible

We’ve mentioned Jose Tutiven before. His reputation preceded him by 20 miles as he has earned the appreciation of folks Island-wide. His company, Colored Colors, “empowers unity amongst creatives…fosters long term relationships between the community of creatives and local business…[and]…serves as the platform to instill the mentality of artistry, commerce and community.”

He is a healer, a connector, a “small business like most of you.” Now, he’s deeply involved with The Huntington Public Arts Committee and Chair of the Huntington Arts Council.

We ran into him recently when the council hosted a press conference on a study they had assisted the Long Island Arts Alliance with that detailed the robust economic activity that LI Arts and Cultural organizations generate.  There he spoke passionately beside other local leaders about how the arts strengthen communities, serve young people, and bring visitor dollars to Long Island.

Later, we asked what’s new. He turned us on to a few exciting things:

Photos by Felipe Catano of the exhibition “Community” now on view at The Spotlight. Photo left: Michael “2ESAE” Baca, a gallery patron who joined in the fun, Daniel “Dred Life” Marques and Dudley Salmon. Photo right: Diego Garcia, with his work. See more of Felipe’s gorgeous images of the “Community” exhibition and its artists here.

Exhibition: “Community” at Spotlight at the Paramount

One exhibition Jose’s excited about – and knew I would be, too, because Diego Garcia’s part of it – is a graffiti show at Spotlight at the Paramount.

“Community” will be on view November 17th through February 21st. There will be a closing reception, date to be announced. On December 21st, Diego’s friend Dudley and others will come to offer “The Swing Sessions: 8 Year Anniversary.” Doors open at 8pm. Show starts at 9. More info here. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster or at the Paramount Box Office.

Upsculpt’s Bri Sanders and young Rose Palma discuss her project while mom Diane and other look on., Jose crafting a Christmas Tree of washed up airplane bottles at the Upsculpt Workshop at The Huntington Fine Arts Center, Debris washed up from the sea repurposed as sculpture material. Photo Credit: Katheryn Laible

A Project Where Art Meets the Environment: Upsculpt

Another really cool project Jose’s working on seeks to help us clean the waters by making art. Working with the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce, Huntington Art Center and Digho Marketing, they’ve partnered with Bri Sander of Upsculpt, a Greenport nonprofit with international reach.

The goal of Upsculpt is to “empower action against the crisis of plastic pollution by engaging the public through art, science and educational workshops. One way they do this is through public art exhibitions.

The group commissioned a semi-permanent sculpture made of collected debris. That reindeer, aptly named “Lobster Buoy Boy,” is now on view at the Holiday extravaganza they’ve got going on Wall Street in Huntington. “Made from 100% unnatural materials recovered from beach cleanups,” he’s an entertaining yet sobering reminder that we’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do, and that not making so much trash to begin with would be great.

After a ribbon cutting, a workshop was hosted by the Huntington Art Center where folks made ornaments and other small sculpture from materials washed up from the sea.

It’s the launch of a long term project that may include beach cleanups, creation festivals with local artists, and future exhibitions.

Learn more about Colored Colors here. Even better, follow them on Instagram. Find out about what’s happening at the Huntington Arts Council here.

Diane Palma of Digho Arts with daughter, Rose, Bri Sanders of Upsculpt, Jose Tutiven of Colored Colors, Wendy Curtis of Huntington Fine Arts Center and Evangeline Knell of Going Local TV. Photo Credit Kyle Pinaro

Diane Palma of Digho Arts with daughter, Rose, Bri Sanders of Upsculpt, Jose Tutiven of Colored Colors, Wendy Curtis of Huntington Arts Center and Evangeline Knell of Going Local TV cutting the ribbon on “Lobster Buoy Boy”

The Appreciation is Mutual

“Being part of the Huntington community has brought me such joy and the people that are part of it continue to motivate me to create more for this town.” said Jose, “I want to give thanks to all of those that have supported my ideas throughout these last couple of years.  I hope to continue to serve the arts and Long Island in even bigger ways in 2024. Wishing you all the happiest of holidays.”

You, too, Jose. Thank you. We look forward to great things to come.

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