Just As Important — Please Shop Local!

The Firefly Artists

Photo of The Firefly Artists by James Darcy

It’s ALWAYS of tremendous benefit to our communities to shop local and to support the places that not only give our villages such character, but also tend to support an awful lot of good stuff in the greater community! Now? In 2020? PLEASE, PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SMALL BUSINESSES!

This 2018 video from the Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce explains a lot of why it’s so important. Now, more than ever, our small businesses are counting on folks like us to appreciate them!

HERE’S OUR LIST of reader picks sharing their favorite small businesses. We encourage you to share it and to keep sending us new ones!*

Go to these stores or catch them online. Follow these folks on Facebook. Buy gift cards from them. Give them a call. So many go way out of their way to serve our communities.

Let’s show them some love and help ourselves in the process! It’s more than worth it!!!

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