Listen, hear! – 10/22/23

Photo by Steve Caputo, Light of Day Galleries

Photograph by Firefly Steve Caputo, Light of Day Gallery

Listen, hear! – I continue to be overwhelmed and grateful for the response I’ve received from these posts, which are a part of The American Cancer Society’s October Photo-a-Day Challenge on Facebook. The mission of ACS is to improve the lives of people with cancer and their families through advocacy, research, and patient support, to ensure everyone has an opportunity to prevent, detect, treat, and survive cancer. Thank you to everyone who has donated, and all who have supported the cause in general or patients specifically. Sadly, it is not inaccurate to state that most all of us have been effected by this disease in one way or another.

One great blessing from these posts has been learning that others suffering from one form of cancer or another have found comfort or strength from this narrative, which was my goal from the outset. This has all been an unexpected chapter of my story, and as much as it is solely mine, on any day it could be anyone’s. It really is no matter the cards we are dealt, it is what we do with them that makes a difference.

When I really consider how many people have lived and died with this disease, I am heartbroken to think that perhaps I could have been more sensitive or empathetic to the condition, and to those people, even family and friends. But, I think that until you meet the diagnosis head on, it is sort of like a foreign language. You hear it, you may understand a term or two, but most of it is lost in translation.

Everyone is going through something, and for many, it is this. That is reason enough for us not to judge another. When you can, listen… Listen with an ear towards hearing what the other person is saying, what they may be feeling. We don’t have to experience it in order to show empathy or at the least, be an open ear. And for many, that alone is a building block of hope and strength.

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I’m taking a photo a day to help the American Cancer Society fight for a world without cancer. Like so many, I have known family and friends who’ve battled the disease, including some who continue to fight. This year, I find myself personally impacted, and it occurs to me that this platform offers a way to channel my passion for photography to help relay a personal journey that may resonate with others. Please consider making a donation because every little bit helps. Thank you for your support!