More to the Story…

Childs rendering of my heart.

A Child’s rendering of his heart….and mine… <3

I Will Be A Hummingbird.

When I last saw one of my smart, loving, mommy friends…one of those grandmothers they speak of who rise up to save the world…she spoke of a video that’s inspired her:


“I love this story…I live this story,” she said, “But it bothers me because they never finish it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the humming bird! She goes and gives it her best, no matter how overwhelming it all is, and that’s good, and THEN…

Once she explains herself, and is seen walking this talk, her friend is inspired!

And then another! And another! And then they inspire folks in turn…

By the time the elephants get involved, already soaked by all the little birds plus everyone else…

Something wonderful has happened.

Something wonderful has been saved.

Even more has been created.”


We start talking about this video that’s about a dancing man and a whole lot more that another fiercely beautiful, passionate, intelligent friend once showed me:


I will be a Hummingbird…

I will be a Hummingbird’s Friend.

May we find good things to lead and follow

Good songs to sing and dance.

Of truth and love, transcending wisdom…

Grateful to all who uplift and inspire.