Earth Day Great To-Do: ORDER BY 4/24 – Northport Native Garden Initiative Plant Sale

Photo of Nicole Tamaro, Matt Goreman and Sara Abbass at the 2nd Annual Northport Native Garden Initiative Plant Sale

The Northport Native Garden Initiative 2023 Plant Sale is ON!!!! Order by Monday! Here are the Co-Founders at their second annual Native Plant Sale in 2022. From Left: Nicole Tamaro, Matt Gorman and Sara Abbass. Photo Credit: Meghan Fisk

Northport Native Garden Initiative Founder: Building Community to Restore Our Ecosystem

I wrote about the Northport Native Garden Initiative (NNGI) last year. Bottom line, this little group in this little village is doing AMAZING things to help folks think global and act local.

There isn’t much one person can do that is more beneficial to the environment than to tend to their own yards, and to help others tend to bigger plots when they can.

These folks — like increasing numbers of others on Long Island — are ready to help you do just that!

2023 Plant Sale!!!

The Northport Native Garden Initiative works hard to offer plants, shrubs, and trees that will look great while providing welcoming habitats for butterflies, insects, birds, and other animals.

Their online plant sale will run through April 24th. Order from their wide selection here

Plant pick-up will be on May 6th, 2023 from 9:30am – 4:00pm at a Northport Village location that is yet to be announced.

Earth Day Event!

Today they could be found handing out free plant plugs from 9am-12pm at the STEM fair at Northport High School, and 11-1:30pm by their beautiful model native garden outside Village Hall on Main Street in Northport!

For More Information About Sustainabile Landscaping

Check out our full list of Native Garden and Ecolandscaping Resources here. Among a diverse array of links (updates always welcome!) is contact information for Sara Mairéad Landscape Design, Inc. This is one of the founders of NNGI, who has also become a valued consultant for how to pick and place your plants!!!

A photo of my wagon of plants.
Part of my Northport Native Garden Initiative haul: A native honeysuckle I was luckier to get than I knew, and two switchgrasses to replace some pulled invasives -- Can't wait to get these guys into the ground!
NNGI Co-Founder Nicole Tamaro educated attendees about their native gardening options.
NNGI Co-Founder Nicole Tamaro educated attendees about their native gardening options.
Photo of Chokeberry Blossoms
Aptly-named "Chokeberries" apparently make a highly nutritious and delicious jam.