Notes from Long Island’s Kindness Ambassador

A Lovely Blooming Cup of Tea from The Soothery in Northport

A Lovely Blooming Cup of Tea from The Soothery in Northport. Photo by Katheryn Laible

Chief Kindness Ambassador, Cindy Mardenfeld of Infinity Relations invites you to to celebrate the entire month of November by serving as a Kindness Ambassador spreading the joy of the Kindness Challenge!

From Cindy’s Blog, Celebrate November with the Kindness Challenge:

“What is a Kindness Ambassador?

A Kindness Ambassador is someone who does kind things for others, their community, and themselves. Never underestimate the many effects of a single act of kindness.

What is the Kindness Challenge?

The Kindness Challenge is a 30-day commitment to do at least one (or more) random acts of kindness every day starting TODAY. As a #KindnessAmbassador, make a call, send a card, volunteer time/money, check on a neighbor, share on social media, and encourage others to do the same. You never know how the kindness you show to others can impact their lives. Join me and let’s #payitforward”

We also loved Cindy’s reminder to be honest and compassionate with ourselves last September, and the kindness she paid popping in to the gallery with Martial Arts instructor Soke Joe Droual one day to offer a quick meditation. This included an honoring, appreciative interpretation of the traditional Hawaiian forgiveness prayer called ho’oponopono.

I got to meet Cindy’s sister. Then Firefly James Darcy, a painter, printmaker and dear friend, covered for me so I could bring them upstairs for a few minutes. Firefly Watercolorist Jan Guarino walked in, recognized Cindy and joined us. The whole experience somehow tapped into a lifetime of teachings.

The whole thing was Serendipitous Delight.

Thank You, Friend!!!