On Giving and Hope

Last month, we shared items we found on Gratitude and Kindness. Now, we touch on acts that naturally follow: Giving and Hope. We know our audience is filled with folks who value this already, including for the deeper reason of “just because.” Still, we not only find it helpful to have that sense validated, but realize there is always more to learn…

Here are 5 Ways Giving is Good for You from the “Greater Good Magazine: Science Based Insights for a Meaningful Life,” which is based out of UC Berkeley.

Here’s moneycrashers.com’s Top 10 Benefits of Charitable Giving and Donations Of course, a site like this thinks immediately about tax deductions and PR but, thankfully, they, too, realize those are the last benefits worth listing…

Here, livescience.com offers a fascinating op-ed; “The Science Behind the Power of Giving

When remember to be grateful to and be kind — to ourselves, too! — it can breed another wonderful thing: Hope.

Here’s a piece in Psychology Today on mental and physical benefits of hope

Here’s a piece from the American Psychological Association on the benefits of and our capacity even to learn hope, even when what we desire or require seems impossible (hint: a willingness to be flexible often helps!)

We also enjoy this collection from the radio show To the Best of Our Knowledge, Hope: Where Does it Come From?

Here’s our own philosophy, that we feel is related to all this. We send you our best! May every gift you give be returned three-fold and joyous wonders abound…