On Gratitude and Kindness

Gourd Love by Katheryn Laible

Photo a Gourd With a Heart by Katheryn Laible

Thanksgiving…it’s a word that brings gratitude and kindness together. It’s a wonderful reminder to count our blessings, and pay them forward. We thought you might appreciate the following:

How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain — including really helping with depression and anxiety — from the “Greater Good Magazine: Science Based Insights for a Meaningful Life,” which is based out of UC Berkeley

Here are 14 Health Benefits of Gratitude According to Science from positivepsychology.com. We’re talking things like increased energy and reduction in inflammation, as well as simple happiness and psychological well being!

We love these 40 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude by Lifehack.org

and this piece on Why Kindness Matters by Positive.News

Our friend Cindy Mardenfeld will remind us that November is kindness month and encourage us to do it loudly. This is not to be bragging at all, but to be a good role model and to spread good cheer. We are grateful for the sunshine she has continued to bring into our lives these past several months.

Another dear one, whose name we won’t mention, offers the sentiment in a another way that is perhaps more palatable to some: “This week, I am ensuring that I do one act of kindness daily in honor of Thanksgiving. I’m not going to post a picture. Not going to post a status other than this one. I just hope that some folks might do the same thing. It doesn’t take a lot but I can make people happy.”

Say it loudly, do it quietly, it’s all the same to us…Just please give it your best to appreciate the good and to make more of it. Always. Thanks!!!