Prelude to The Next Chapter: Popup at the HAC!

Photo of Mallory Braun with pop up bookstire at the Huntington Arts Council

Photo of Mallory Braun at The Next Chapter Pop-Up at the Huntington Arts Council by Katheryn Laible

Could not drive through Huntington last weekend without stopping in to check out The Next Chapter popup bookstore at the Huntington Arts Council’s Main Street Gallery. We hear they may be spending more weekends there going forward.

It was a pleasure to finally meet Mallory Braun, the champion of this endeavor to make sure the legacy of Book Revue lives on. Months ago, in the wake of news that the beloved institution was closing, it was announced that she would endeavor to carry its spirit forward. At this, artist Helen Murdock-Prep voiced hope:

“If anyone’s got the heart and mind to make this a great success, it’s Mallory Braun. She is wonderful.”

Many await the new shop with eager anticipation. Within five minutes of my visit, a few young gentlemen stopped in to ask about progress and share their love for the incredible bookstore that served Huntington for four decades.

You can get regular updates on The Next Chapter’s Instagram and Facebook. It will be a bit still, but they have already amassed an amazing collection and have a website launching imminently. A space isn’t fully secured yet, but there is hopeful optimism surrounding the word “soon.” Meanwhile, Mallory and friends are incredibly grateful for the groundswell of community support, and opportunities like the one the Huntington Arts Council is providing.

“As a community based organization there is nothing that makes us happier at HAC then to see our gallery space being shared with someone like Mallory and The Next Chapter!” said the Huntington Arts Council’s new Executive Director Kieran Johnson, “Our gallery is meant to facilitate the arts across all mediums and is a gathering place for people to come together and support each other. We wish Mallory continued success and are appreciative of the opportunity to do our small part in helping The Next Chapter.”

As I purchased a heavy copy of Lend Me Your Ears: Great Speeches in History selected by William Saffire, I asked Mallory if she was getting tired of carrying so many boxes around.

“On no, not at all,” said Mallory, who voiced gratitude for the privilege of the challenge, for all the local support, and for the deep mentorship she’s received from Book Revue co-founder Richard Klein,

“It’s all great exercise, and I’m learning a lot!”

It won’t be quite the same as Book Revue, she advises, and why should it be? Better to keep the story moving forward and the ideas behind it developing. This is going to be The Next Chapter, filled with wonderful ideas and plenty of passion to realize them with.

We are excited!!!

Photo of pop up book store in the Huntington Arts Council
The Next Chapter pop-up bookstore is spending weekends cohabiting with the latest exhibition, "Lamented Sublime" featuring works of Firefly Paul Mele, Toxic/Nature Studios, and Khurshid Saleem at the Huntington Art Council's Main Street Gallery. Photo by Katheryn Laible