Same Storm. Different Boats

“Start where you are; use what you have; do what you can.”

~ Arthur Ashe


There have been a number of memes going around that offer an important metaphor: “We are in the same storm. We are not in the same boat”

Nor are we positioned the same in relation to the storm.. For some it is a sprinkle. They get to simply be still, For others it is catastrophic — physically, emotionally, economically, perhaps all of the above.

Day to day, our experiences range from reflective solitude to utter exhaustion and multi-faceted trauma.

We believe it’s like this all the time. We pray that this storm, while blindingly, cataclysmically destructive to way too many, will help us all to better understand what folks experience, and to find new ways to do things that are healthier for us all.

To realize that truth matters, and so does compassion.

To know that, while those who are suffering mightily and have never felt anything but exploited make take issue with this idea, it’s really important for those who have some control over what happens next — and we all have some control — to realize that we are indeed all in this together; to realize that social, economic and environmental health go hand in hand; to understand that the well being of the individual is intrinsically connected to the well-being of the whole..

We’ve spent a great deal of time lately counting our blessings, sharing what good we can find, and praying for so many who require so much more.

Among those blessings is knowing that, in the face of extraordinary pain and loss, there are so many stepping up to serve others, to be some kind of hero and to even dare to dream up how we might transform our current crisis into a brighter future for all. There are more than we could ever count, much less keep track of.

This is good news.

As always, this is but a sampling of people and organizations that we are blessed to have some personal familiarity with. We invite you to use it as a resource and an inspiration to seek out others.

Let us know what’s going on and of other items worth sharing. We look forward to the day we can all catch up in person again. Meanwhile, we will regularly update our Facebook Page

We are grateful for all the good you do.

It matters. Deeply.

Thank you.



Katie and Trudy

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