Share Your Story: Moth Style Story Slam to Return to Northport

Share Your Story

Story Tellers Wanted!  Your Theme: "I Had a Hunch"

Inspired by The Moth radio hour, Elizabeth Alexander has been organizing storytelling events in Northport Village and the surrounding area, In this, she is creating opportunities for the community to connect and be inspired.

They’ve been fantastic. What a way to get to know our neighbors!

We look to host the next one at The Firefly! Moth-style storytelling is a genre of personal narrative stories about an experience that took place in the storyteller’s life. Stories are crafted, planned- and told, not read-before a live audience.

Looking for somewhere between 5 and 8 willing humans to jump in and tell a crafted story before a live audience! Story should be no less than 5 minutes, no more than 10 minutes and based on event’s theme- “I Had a Hunch.” Check out graphics for details.

Storytelling Guidelines

1, Story should be no less than 5 minutes, no more than 10 minutes. 

2. Tell your story – Don’t read it!

3. STICK TO THE THEME:  “I Had a Hunch.”

4. Story must be true and be about a personal experience

5. This is not an opportunity for stand up comedy or political rants.

6. Spend time crafting your story – Prepare and rehearse!

To Register and for More Info

For details and to sign up call Liz 631-375-4414 or email

Moth-style details.