Currently – 10/8/23

Photograph of flowers in a valley by Steve Caputo, Light of Day Gallery

Photograph by Firefly Steve Caputo, Light of Day Gallery

Currently, I’m three months into this regimen of chemotherapy. Early on I was told this road would present challenges and I was ignorant of what that meant. I’m still not sure I understand the scope of it, but it does feel like the flat cornfields of Kansas are behind me, and the Rocky Mountains are up ahead. Steeling oneself for the trek involves not just strength of body, but also mind and spirit.

I’ve placed the well-being of my body in the capable hands of some very amazing health care professionals, for whom I am so grateful. On the off-treatment days, exercise is essential and is something that is in my control. Positive thinking is mental exercise, and like physical conditioning, there are some days when it is harder than others. Spiritual energy for me comes in the form of prayer and reflection. I’ve placed the well-being of my spirit in the hands of God. I’m grateful for this life I live. With all its ups and downs it is a gift.

I pray for peace and strength, and that my journey can in some way serve a purpose greater than myself.

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I’m taking a photo a day to help the American Cancer Society fight for a world without cancer. Like so many, I have known family and friends who’ve battled the disease, including some who continue to fight. This year, I find myself personally impacted, and it occurs to me that this platform offers a way to channel my passion for photography to help relay a personal journey that may resonate with others. Please consider making a donation because every little bit helps. Thank you for your support!