The Cadence – 10/20/23

Photo of a paddleboarder from behind in a field of rippled blue by Steve Caputo, Light of Day Galleries

Photograph by Firefly Steve Caputo, Light of Day Gallery

The Cadence – It’s only taken me 5 sessions (my halfway point) to realize that there is a cadence to the side effects and feelings that emerge in the days after treatment. (I should write these down). Sensitivity to cold, neuropathy, dry mouth, loss of taste, unique dizziness when standing up, growing fatigue, general malaise. I’m grateful not to be experiencing nausea so far, and they’ve said that hair loss is not a side effect of these particular drugs. (Though nature may have commandeered the controls regarding that one…) I am told that the effects of my treatment peak between days 5 and 9, so perhaps more to come. It seems that toward the tail end of my time away from treatment, I feel better, more energy, a bit more taste, a little less sensitivity to cold. Again, they tell me that the effects are cumulative in nature, and so each week, they may extend deeper into the week.

By today’s standard, yesterday was a particularly fatiguing day. Energy seemed to drain out of my body, and I slept for hours. Today seems better in that regard, and I am once more ready rejoin the battle.

As odd as it may sound, I am grateful for the challenges I face. God has given me the grace and strength to face my obstacles, and I am learning to accept these gifts with the renewed faith that all I need will be provided. A day like yesterday shines a beautiful light on today. If not for our darker days, the light of this day would not burn so bright. We should not lose sight of the precious commodity that is this moment. It’s raining today, but even that is a welcoming and rejuvenating sign that there is life and joy and love in this day.

For those facing challenges today, we are all praying for you.

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