The Reflex – 10/6/23

Photo of Huntington Lighthouse and Channel Marker by Steve Caputo, Light of Day Gallery

Photograph by Firefly Steve Caputo, Light of Day Gallery

The Reflex – “Let’s get on it.” So, it seems my reflexive impulses are buoyant, my survival instincts strong. I hope this will be a contributive factor to my outcome. In my pre-cancer days, I’d say I considered myself to be a positive person. I’ve always felt blessed, for my family, my friends, my successes and even my failures… Life is good.
In all my 67 years, I’m not sure I’ve been faced with quite the challenge that this diagnosis presents. Life as you perceive it shifts in that moment. Questions, thoughts, realizations all buzz around at a dizzying pace. Yet, somehow, hovering above all of that is a mantra that urges me to “get on it”, do what needs to be done and take care of it (as much as that is within my power). I still feel blessed, (perhaps even more so), life is still good. Don’t get me wrong, there are days, oh there are days… but they will not rule me. 
So I navigate toward treatment.
In your day today, offer a thought or a prayer for all those on this journey.

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I’m taking a photo a day to help the American Cancer Society fight for a world without cancer. Like so many, I have known family and friends who’ve battled the disease, including some who continue to fight. This year, I find myself personally impacted, and it occurs to me that this platform offers a way to channel my passion for photography to help relay a personal journey that may resonate with others. Please consider making a donation because every little bit helps. Thank you for your support!