Treatment Day – It’s Not a Sprint – 10/16/23

Photograph by Firefly Steve Caputo, Light of Day Gallery

Treatment Day – It’s Not a Sprint- Today marks the fifth of what is expected to be ten treatments, the halfway point of this part of the journey. Generally I am feeling good, with most of the “other than normal” sensations seeming to be caused by the treatments.

Treatment days are the mile markers in what has become clear to me is a marathon, and not a sprint. Speaking of that, the NYC Marathon is coming up next month. The marathon has become a global event, with over 50,000 runners from all over the world participating. For so many, it is a bucket list item to participate and finish. It is not about finishing first (only one person can do that), it is about setting and achieving personal goals. If you have not witnessed it on TV or otherwise, the event is an awe-inspiring spectacle of the human spirit, with a sea of humanity pouring across the Verrazzano Bridge at the start of the race.

My son-in-law is training for the NYC Marathon. I am inspired everyday by his effort and dedication to preparing for the event. As race day approaches, we’ve often spoken about what’s required for each of us to accomplish our goals. Determination is essential to staying focused through the long haul of training/treatments. Distractions (music, change of scenery) can help make the physical strain of the task more palatable. And certainly for both of us, the end results are worth the effort required to achieve them. We do what we’re doing to get healthy, and stay healthy. We’ve both agreed that the common denominators for us are a strong positive mental attitude and a support system of family and friends that strengthen and encourage us.

Believe in what you can achieve.

Prayers of strength and love to all those running this marathon.

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