Where Do Old Clothes Go? New Report Shines Light, Offers Guidance

Photo of Textile Waste: New Report Shows Why and Where to Recycle Clothes on LI

Old Clothes Report: Where do they go? How can we route them better? Image Provided by Green Inside & Out

Textile waste is a huge environmental issue. In addition, disaster relief folks are often quick to note that overwhelming clothing donations can become problems unto themselves. Ultimately, all of this impacts human beings personally.

Beth Fiteni is on it! For years, the folks of Green Inside and Out have been teaching us how to be smarter and more conscientious when we first buy clothes, and how to care for them in a way that also cares for Mother Earth. Now, after years of research, they’ve released this new report on what best to do when we’re done with them. Check it out!

Then, keep on exploring that website. Through reports, interviews, practical tips and so much more Green Inside and Out offers a great wealth of resources to help get the garbage out of our lives and to steward this sweet planet we call home. We are grateful!

Reducing Textile Waste on Long Island, states that nationally, 17 million tons (~85%) of textiles are sent to U.S. landfills or incinerators every year, or around 8% of our trash. Accordint to the NYS DEC, in just one year, NY residents and businesses toss 1.4 billion pounds of usable and recyclable textiles in the garbage. Given LI's population of close to 3 million people, our collective efforts can reduce local impacts of the region's growing waste load. Credit -- Green Inside & Out
Infographic provided by Green Inside & Out