Life Without Limits: The USA Patriots Want You to Know About the Winters Center for Autism

Image of USA Patriots: America's Amputee Softball League with a Winters Center for Autism banner.

America’s Amputee Softball League players holding a Winters Center for Autism banner. Photo credit: Steve Caputo.

Among my dear friend Joe Bart’s biggest passions is the USA Patriots: America’s Amputee Softball Team. He deeply appreciates their message of perseverance and the power of the human spirit, and how they help each other and the broader community overcome some of life’s biggest challenges. You can read all about them here.

Even better, go watch them play: July 15th at the Moriches Athletic Complex and July 16th at the Maccarone Memorial Stadium in Glen Cove. Games begin at 11am. Admission is free.

Photo of USA Patriot sliding into home plate. Overlaid caption states: The USA Patriots slide into Long Island Weekend of July 15, 2023

Photo credit: Stece Caputo.

Shared Passion

Joe recently wrote that the team was grateful for a foundation that provides employment opportunities for adults with autism. He was excited at sharing their passion for “Life Without Limits.”

That foundation, Winters Center for Autism, wants folks to know that 50,000 people with autism enter adulthood annually. They experience an 85-90% unemployment rate and a huge gap in services. They also want you to know that these folks have a lot to offer, and that they are here to help folks hire them.

Fostering Fulfilling Employment

Their own experience has brought them to believe strongly that we can improve quality of life and provide a sense of fulfillment in individuals with autism by helping businesses understand their talents and skills, and how best to work with them; that by effectively involving neurodivergent individuals in the workplace, they will also foster a kinder, more accepting and inclusive community.

The Winters Center for Autism engages in job creation, training, and placement, increasing autism awareness and establishing easy-to-implement programs whereby employers can create jobs for and effectively support people with autism. To learn more please visit or contact Christine Ponzio at 631-635-1169 or Thanks!

Group photo with the USA Patriots at the Winter's Center for Autism

Photo provided by Joe Bartulioli