Special Offer! Zoom Classes with Robbie Samuels

Photo of Robbie Samuels, Zoom Facilitation Expert and Relationship-Based Business Strategist, Provided by Robbie Samuels

Photo of Robbie Samuels, Zoom Facilitation Expert and Relationship-Based Business Strategist, Provided by Robbie Samuels

Robbie Samuels is here to help you improve your Zoom facilitation and presentation skills. We believe this will be an excellent program. Full disclosure: We really want to attend. If you sign up through us, it earns us a discount so we may afford it!

We’ve known Robbie Samuels for over 20 years. Before he even finished school, he was creating organizations and programs to help people build skills and relationships, especially introverts and folks who often feel locked out of society, and to help people be open and welcoming.

He’s an excellent teacher and mentor. This is his message about his The 5 Percent Advantage Program:

Right now, everyone is being pretty forgiving when it comes to bad Zoom. That’s not likely to last much longer.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been doing individual Zoom calls to help friends and colleagues improve their online facilitation skills and other strategies for incorporating community connections into virtual activities (workshops, webinars, summits, conferences, etc.).

The experience has inspired a 4-week pilot program, starting Friday, May 8.

I’m calling it The 5% Advantage Program because this is the time to get 5% better so 5 years from now we’re sought out, not just for our expertise, but for our ability to deliver that expertise on an interactive virtual platform.

Virtual events are here to stay.

Even when live events are once again possible, the demand for virtual access will be high.

It’s a pilot, which means three things:

1) The content will be highly personalized to the people who sign up.

2) If you find it valuable I’ll be asking for a testimonial so others know what to expect.

3) The price will never be this low again.

I’m excited about this and know there’s a real urgency to get started – which is why it kicks off on Friday, May 8.

The 5 Percent Advantage Program schedule:

Week 1 – Friday, May 8 11am-1pm ET

Two hours of interactive training that showcases best practices for creating engaging virtual events

Week 2 – on your own

Participants record themselves leading a workshop or other online event and submit it to me for review (this can be done in collaboration with other participants or your friends if you do not have a ready-made audience)

Week 3 – Friday, May 22 11am – 1pm ET

Two hours of interactive training where we review snippets from submissions to highlight what works and what could be improved

Week 4 – Friday May 29 11am – 1 pm ET

Two hours of Q&A and practice. Topics would be sourced from participants via a pre-program survey and personalized to their needs.

The full price for this is $1,000 USD. The pilot is $500 in appreciation for ongoing feedback to improve the program and if well received a testimonial so others know the value of the program.

I’m calling this The 5 Percent Advantage Program because anyone who gets 5 percent better at virtual events in the next few months will be far ahead of their peers six months from now and leading their industry 5-10 years from now.

If you’re in, email Katie & Trudy and we’ll send you an invoice and a calendar invite for these three dates.

Happy to answer any questions.