Infinite Potential: Donna, Rosemarie, and Drake Media Studios

From far left: Rosemarie Kleupfel, ___, ___, Donna Drake, Chris LaVecchia

Photo at Drake Media Studios by Katheryn Laible

Infinite Potential: Donna, Rosemarie, and Drake Media Studios

I was delighted to recently get to tour the AMAZING Drake Media Studios and learn that Rosemarie Kleupfel is now working with Donna Drake!!! 

Rosemarie Kleupfel

If you’ve followed here for long, or been in any number of go-getting LI circles, you’ve probably met Rosemarie. I think I encountered her first when the Fairway Foundation hosted the Long Island simulcast viewing of a profound full-day international leadership summit featuring the likes of Simon Sinek, Malcolm Gladwell, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

It might have been Rosemarie who first introduced me to SCWBEC, the Suffolk County Women’s Business Enterprise Coalition. I know I found her offerings there of professional development and communications presentations exceptionally useful.

It was Rosemarie who shared with me this incredible adventure bringing builders, interior design experts and others together to make a veteran a home. This was just one of many endeavors to serve veterans that Rosemarie championed with the Fairway Foundation.

A mother of two women, Rosemarie has a particular passion for serving female veterans. Really, she loves helping anyone who wants to be all that they can be.

She sings in the Chuck Evans Band, has been known to write, and is excited to now join forces with Donna.

This is a good match!!!

Donna Drake

Donna is incredibly down to Earth, with an open heart and thoughtful mind to inspire all who will to reach for the stars. Hailing from St. Louis and now a Long Island girl, Donna has grown to become an international award-winning creative artist. She is a writer, producer, actor and influencer. Her beloved, uplifting local production, an enthusiastic invitation to “Live it Up!” is now simply called “The Donna Drake Show.” It has come to reach across the US and 25 countries.

Donna is all about hope, motivation and resilience. Through over 600 episodes, her show has featured over 7500 moving conversations. She has hosted celebrity entertainers, sports legends, top journalists, business moguls, authors, motivational speakers, medical professionals, health and wellness experts, beauty and fashion icons, chefs, and diverse non-profit organizations.

The best part might be the everyday heroes who share stories of triumph, inspiration and perseverance.

Your Opportunity: Drake Media Stories

In the past few years, Donna has also come to own one of the most welcoming video and film production facilities in the USA. Drake Media Studios encompass 8,200 square feet of stages, editing suites, and support spaces. They are equipped with full gear, ranging from an Arri Alexa to a light bulb.

Here’s an online tour. It was so much fun to visit this amazing place. It is a treasure; charming, exhilarating and heartwarming. Valuable memorabilia hang with precious children’s artwork. The furnishings and décor are a uniquely comfortable feast for the imagination. Add in the warm, creative hospitality of Donna (which always seems to include introducing folks to other great people) and you have a good time going!

They offer full service creative production. Whether you are eager to reach the world or host an intimate event, have your own crew or need full support, these folks want you to know they are psyched and prepared. You can rent a customized studio (like totally customizable), or do simple vod (video on demand) or podcast. They can handle production, distribution, syndication, marketing…

If you just want to have an unforgettable gathering, they can help you set the stage.

The possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to see what they do, what you do!

I’m going to follow them. 

Huntington Art Walk!

Huntington Art Walk, October 1st from 12-5pm. Experience the arts in Huntington Village on this Free, Self-Guided Tour!

This Sunday!! All new exhibits for the Huntington Village Art Walk!  

Join the Huntington Fine Art Center along with nine other venues around town as they celebrate the visual arts. Meet the artists, enjoy some refreshments and listen to live music along the way. 

Pick up your flyer at the info table, under the Paramount marquee, or at any of the stops. Hope to see you!

When: Sunday, October 1, 12-5pm
More information is available at The Huntington Art Center Website including a map and details regarding the various venues.
There will be an info table under the marquee at the Paramount Theater on the day of the event.


The Philosophy That Guides

We’ve been reflecting quite a bit as we endeavor to develop this communications platform centered on our Synchronicity Network Newsletter. Our mission, as currently understood, is this:

“The mission of Synchronicity Planning & Communications is to serve and celebrate folks who care for art, science and the common good, improving the quantity and quality of community engagement on Long Island via a networking and communications platform centered on the Synchronicity Network and its Flagship Newsletter.”

Digging deeper, we ask ourselves WHY? For her part, Katie has offered the following:

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Rise and Shine

photo of bird rising over Cold Spring Harbor 2022

Photo entitled “Cold Spring Harbor: Rising 2022” by Katheryn Laible

I remember the wisest, sweetest, most incredible woman I know saying,

“People pray for power. It is better that they will Love,

for Love is the greatest power of All.”


I pray: May I remember her teachings well. May I understand them at least enough.

May we together channel more than ourselves;

Manifest Love and Light.


Pray for Love. Pray for Truth. Truth and Love in equal measure

For as many before and after have somehow said, “Truth without Love is brutal, and Love without Truth is false.”

This has long made sense to me.  I am still learning that it takes a third leg: Faith.


To make a sturdy table, we need Faith.

Faith, Faith, Faith

…to cast away fear, have faith…


“Nothing boils in lukewarm water,” she says.

Remember to command, to commune, to comfort; to will harmony in thy multifaceted being

…Truth, Love, Faith…


Faith in the Greater.

Faith in each other.

Faith that as we will it already is.

Faith that this Flame I feel deep within is far from mine alone.

Faith that you feel this, too.


Humble before God, equal before man, recognizing the God within and the human as well, each manifesting in its own way.

May we will and channel Strength and Dexterity, Grace and Mercy. Healing Light.

Open to the Greater Good without and within, in places that we do not know.


She reminds me:

“There is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future,”

“He loves you not for what you are but for what you are becoming.”


“Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono,”

I hear other voices say.

She speaks to me of Lady Quan Yin.

They remind me to start on a path to Forgiveness,

to Uplift, to Enlightenment with myself;

to be grateful for every blessing and each accomplishment no matter how small, 


For the smallest is the greatest.

For so little do we know, For we all know a little.

May we appreciate all that is Good, Humble and Grateful to be so blessed. 


She advises Joyful Anticipation.

Discerning and Healing. Flexible and Strong. Reconciling.

Forgiving. Transcending. Overcoming.


Calling all who Will to Transmute the lesser,  To Receive, Accelerate and Amplify the Greater.

Manifest Love. Be the Light. Keep the Faith.

Honor the Divine within and without.


This indigenous wise-woman who communes with All reminds me of St. Francis’ Prayer. “Let me be an Instrument of Thy Peace.”

Faithfully. Humbly. Gratefully. Evermore.


This I Pray. Namaste. Amem.

This piece was updated 6/9/23

Art Appreciation: Eloquent COVID-Era Medals on Loan for Public View

Image Motherhood Distinguished Service Medal, a heart felt found-object sculpture by Beth Atkinson

“Motherhood Distinguished Service Medal” by Beth Atkinson. It is one of the artist’s many intricate and eloquent COVID-era medals now on view at Huntington Town Hall.

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Huntington Art Walk!

Flyer for Spring 2023 Huntington Art Walk, 5/31 12-5pm

We are delighted to hear that, even though they’ve been very busy moving their entire shop a few doors down, The Huntington Art Center still managed to assemble a great Art Walk for this spring!

Come experience the rich culture of  Huntington Village on this free self-guided tour.

Check out the new exhibits at the museums and galleries. Enjoy tasty treats. Many of the exhibiting artists will be on hand, as will musicians playing along the way.

When: Sunday, May 21, 12-5pm
Here’s a pdf of the flyer and map: ArtWalkSpring23_FlyerX (1)
More information is available at The Huntington Art Center Website including details regarding the various venues and what you’ll find that Sunday.
There will be an info table under the marquee at the Paramount Theater on the day of the event.