Thank You Jenny, And All Who Shine Such Light

Photo entitled “Indomitable Spirit” by Katheryn Laible

Let’s just…Breathe…In… Hold… Out… Pause… In… Hold… Out… Pause… In… Hold…

For weeks, I have doom scrolled and wisdom sought in shock and despair on top of shock and despair, in anguish for so many as up from the roots of our collective struggle and desperate frustration explodes fresh, heart wrenching terror.

Too often, I feel utterly immobilized; rendered small, dark, and speechless when all i want to do is save you all…all of us…all who will live in peace and harmony. I know I don’t know the answers, that my perspective is limited, that I have a lot to learn. I know it’s foolish and arrogant even to think that I could possibly be more than I am. Still I feel guilty at this reality.

I’m hard pressed just to save myself, let alone those I’m directly responsible for. I can hardly fix anything and know I’m wrong somewhere. For sure, someone out there is itching to lambast me over the smallest misstep, or whatever they assume is my misstep, as though I were awful on purpose, know nothing myself and that’s a good way to fix me.

I feel wrong saying anything, wrong saying nothing; searching for answers that seem to escape us all.

Then, I stumbled upon Jenny Dweir Hecht of Karuna Healing and her humble offering, which I will share.  I have been grateful for this soul since I was maybe 10 years old. She doesn’t claim to know much, either, but she loves. A lot. As a licensed Clinical Social Worker, she’s pretty good at simply being human and helping others reckon with being so themselves. I’m still doom scrolling and heart wrenching, but I find she helps. A lot.

Here is what she live streamed on Facebook. Today more than ever. If you feel you require a bit of therapy — who doesn’t? — for whatever reason, every reason…give yourself half an hour today to breathe, and center. Consider doing it with Jenny, or someone you find helpful. Often it’s best to just get outside; walk, run, ponder a garden. Listen to music that soothes your soul. Move your body. Just be still.

You may experience deep emotion. For me, I was finally able to release just a little for the first time in what feels like way too long. I am grateful.

Jenny is not alone. She is one of millions. Billions even, and more who would be if they weren’t so damn hurt and twisted. This one, Maya Alper, it seems offered healing from where she hid in a bush. If she can do this, if this is her testimony, what else is possible?

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for those who offer such light. It means everything, you who feed my faith that even though I can’t even define “good” there are others of every kith and kind who share my hope, and are doing what they will to heal and nurture us all.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just honest, loving and caring. Who knows everything anyway? People who come at the world from completely opposite perspectives than me have been some of my greatest teachers.

We may see and understand different things, but we share something: An open endeavor toward truth, love and light. Humility. Faith. The value of dexterity, flexibility, and strength…care. Grace. Recognition of the divine in all, the human in all, the prayer to make the best of things, to reconcile and heal. To keep learning better…

Here is my logic.

My deeper philosophy.

My prayer.

Please…if you will in your own way…pray for peace, pray for forgiveness, pray for healing, start with yourself and radiate. So much requires it, so much desires it, thank you all the light you offer….It matters more than we can ever know.