Ride With Kindness Ambassador Cindy Mardenfeld to Support Diabetes Research

Photo of Cindy's equipment for managing her diabetes

Support diabetes research! Here’s a photo by our dear Kindness Ambassador, Cindy Mardenfeld, of supplies she’s had to master in order to manage her Type I Diabetes.

Please help a dear friend to Long Island raise money and awareness to support diabetes research.

Cindy Mardenfeld of Infinity Relations is one of the kindest, most encouraging people I’ve ever met. As part of being sunshine in human form, she is smart and sharply organized. She’s really good at helping people put things together and sending them off with an uplifting cheer.

This is good, because she does ask some of the most “Oh —- I didn’t think of that!” questions I’ve ever heard. Plus, she’s got a lot to organize…

Cindy uses her gifts to provide diverse communications, event planning and relationship development services. In addition to private and corporate clients, she has served numerous major nonprofits on Long Island. A few years ago, Cindy launched her own campaign to advance kindness.

I love Cindy’s blog, and the newsletter she sends that offers a wonderful blend of business guidance and uplifting currents. Recently, she posted this:

“I have been reflecting and growing as a person, so I am sharing. I live every day with Type 1 Diabetes. I mentioned in another area of my newsletter about the Team DRI Bicycle Ride and want you to join me in supporting this cause. I’m raising awareness and money for Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500 every bit helps.

Does your company want to participate or sponsor? Email me

Let’s all be part of finding a CURE! Click here to learn more and donate to my TEAM.” ❤

You see, Cindy, while being one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, can’t actually process sugar herself. She’s Type I Diabetic, and acutely aware of the challenges that poses. In her case, on beyond dealing with the condition itself, there was initial confusion regarding her diagnosis. It was her own smart, resourcefulness; her capacity to ask good questions, give insightful answers, connect the dots and know when to speak up that finally led the doctors to get it right!

Between this experience, the day to day requirements she has in order to stay on top of her condition, and knowing how tough this all is for so many to manage, she has decided to be part of the solution.

Cindy is now committed to helping better understand and treat diabetes through support of the Diabetes Research Institute.

She would love for you to join her.