Now: Get Counted! The Census is SO Important!

This is the bottom line! TEN YEARS of federal funding and other investment will be determined by this count! Image provided by the Health & Welfare Council of LI

You can do this from home really easily!!!

The 2020 Census affects how much federal dollars our region will receive for the next decade. We’re going to keep on linking to this feature because it is SOOOOO IMPORTANT to ALL OF US that we get an accurate Census count.

These numbers matter, especially to children, the region’s most vulnerable, and to everyone who wants to make sure we get an appropriate FEMA allocation!

Long Island already pays a lot more in taxes to the Federal Government than it gets back. Undercounts make that worse!!! Plus, this impacts all sorts of planning, at all levels.

PLEASE SHARE THIS, Especially with folks who reach folks in traditionally undercounted demographics..