Huntington Station BID Debuts New Website, Social Media

Photo of Huntington Station BID Boardmembers

Photo of Huntington Station BID Board Members provided by the Huntington Station BID

A Business Improvement District (BID) is “a geographical area where local stakeholders oversee and fund the maintenance, improvement and promotion of their commercial district.”

There are many BIDS on Long Island that do a great deal in service to our communities. The Huntington Station BID, to me at least, seems to do a little more. There is a sincerity to this BID that I find truly remarkable. I’m pretty sure that had a lot to do with those who established it, including Dee Thompson, who served as its Vice President from its founding until her passing last year. 

I’m even more certain that spirit will endure because of the people who comprise its Board and who show up regularly for their meetings. They care about the community, and they care about each other. Some are, themselves, remarkable stories that I hope to get to tell.

Mission & Vision

From the website:

The Mission of The Huntington Station Business Improvement District Association Inc., (HS BID), is to physically improve our
District by keeping it clean, promoting beautification and safety, and the support of our member businesses.

The Huntington Station BID has been responsible for many improvements within its boundaries such as security cameras, Christmas lights, summer hanging flower baskets, street trash receptacles, support of community activities such as the HS Unity Parade and Festival, beautification and maintenance of the streets and of the parking garage on Broadway. We support store front façade improvements and are a strong lobbying force and a recipient of grants for general improvements to the Huntington Station Community.

Our goal is to enhance the vitality and appeal of the Businesses within Huntington Station. Founded with a commitment to continuous improvement, we are dedicated to fostering a thriving and inviting community environment.

You can read more here.

Follow Them!

They’ve worked really hard to establish communications systems so they can share their work and do even more to serve.

Here is their new website.

Here is their new Facebook Page.

Here is their new Instagram.

Follow them to learn more about their work, and the local businesses and broader community that they exist to serve.

Were You There When it all Began?

Were you involved in the founding of this BID? Do you remember the Huntington Station of way-back when? If so, HS BID Board Secretary Kelly Smith would like to speak with you! Please contact her to share your recollections as she endeavors to piece together the history of this organization and the community it serves. Thanks!