Please Replicate and Support This! Blessing Box

Image of Blessing Box provided by Gabe Lissy

Sometimes it’s the simplest initiatives that bend our hearts the furthest. From it’s host, Gabe Lissy, “If you are in need we have a blessing box set up. Please take what you need, leave what you can

It has been helping so many families in this extremely difficult time. Don’t be shy at all come and take what you need. We have some formula and diapers. Message me if you need.

Most importantly if you are able to donate items to help keep our box full, it is greatly appreciated. You can contact me with any questions or donations. You can come to the box whatever times work for you. Just come and get what you need. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Thank you in advance.

Donations are always needed to help keep it going. Thank you…we as a community will survive and get through these hard times.”

To give, get (no questions asked!), or to find out more, please email or call 631-617-8110

Ultimate Feel-Good Story: Giving an LI Veteran a Home

Image of Fairway Home

We were first introduced to this endeavor to purchase and remodel a house in order to give it, mortgage-free, to a post-9/11 Purple Heart recipient by Rosemarie Kluepfel of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. and Daphna Adler of Interiors by Daphna Adler at a SCWBEC (Suffolk County Women’s Business Enterprise Coalition) meeting. Since then, we have become fully enamored with the merry band of designers, remodelers and others who have given so much to make this happen.

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