Firefly Lights June 2020

Our community-oriented gallery created by local artists continues to be a light in our lives. Our main Firefly Artists gallery at 162 Main St, Northport is open Tuesday through Thursday 11am-6pm (closed for Thanksgiving), Fri and Sat 11am-8pm and Sunday 11-5pm. Send Katie an email if you’d like to meet up down there!

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Firefly Lights!

The Firefly Artists Logo

First, Long Island’s Best: Share these amazing High School artists far and wide, would you? These kids are amazing. We at The Firefly Artists in Northport were honored to be among those giving a few of them scholarships. These kids should have gallery receptions and award ceremonies. At the very least, we can plaster them all over the internet. Follow the Heckscher Museum to see the awards ceremony and find more great stuff to share.

Meanwhile, as a Managing Partner of the Firefly, Katie has crafted a “Firefly Lights newsletter to send our love and care, assist our dear fellow Fireflies in marketing their wares, and share some of the ways our amazing artists have been lighting up our lives lately….Please enjoy and let us know what you think!

If you wish to receive these, please let us know – folks on our regular newsletter list are NOT automatically receiving them!

We look forward to crafting another soon — can’t fit all our amazing artists into just one!!! Do check out our page: The Firefly Artists and our brand new group, The Firefly Artists Gallery & Community Square, where our artists can speak for themselves and post art for sale!

It’s not the same as getting to gather in our beautiful gallery, but it’s something we hope continues to grow!